Instruktør Contrataciones Públicas afirma Maxy Montilla can hold contracts with the Estado

Santo Domingo, RD.

The Director General of Public Contracts, Carlos Pimentel, insurer that Maxy Montilla, Herman de Cándida Montilla, wife of former President Danilo Medina, sI can have contracts with the State.

The allotment of Pimentel surges a lie that pays for the lucrative contracts of Maxy and Alexander Montilla Sierra, hermands of Candida, with Electricity Distributors Companies –Edenorte, Edesur, Edeeste– and the Unity of Rural and Suburban Electrification (UERS).

Of equal form, Pimentel assured him that he could not get the test, the investigation that takes place in this case may detect some type of irregularity in the contracts with these companies.

“If, on the other hand, there are contracts, no matter what it is, it is a basic and basic element of the Dominican Republic’s contracting system, since it is complex and probable and it is likely in the truck that it detects other situations than most establish the administrative regime of Compresses and Contracts ”, said to be interviewed in the program El Día.

It is stated that the law of Compresses and Contracts establishes that the families of the degree of affinity can have contractual relations with the State and institutions distinct from the one whose family is the Minister or director.

He was interviewed by the journalist Alicia Ortega in the program El Informe, the man’s exhortation of the lady who, in her parenthood with the President Medina, facilitated the media to win the tenders that were obtained in the electricity distribution companies.

Ensure that its credentials are not passed on to its family members, but to work that has been done for years, including those of Medina’s management.

Asimismo, indicating that the initial success of its companies as suppliers of the State will be repaired in 2009, where it will have the vision of adventuring in the Chinese market, in order to establish an allied commercial structure.

Other information

Carlos Pimentel further informed that since its release the entity has canceled 11 lawsuits and contracts and 21 defendants of the State have been disabled.

Formally, it was stated that up to 160 officials had the register of providers suspended.

Indicates, assimilates that Public Contracts invests the Cabinet of Coordination of Social Policies, which encapsulates Francisco Antonio “Tony” Peña Guaba, for the contribution of 103 million 217 million people in Dominican artists.

In the same way, other designs are made in the Alcaldía de La Romana and the contract of companies for the collection of desechos, the Boca Chica and the Santiago.