Insolite! Carlos Tévez lost his footing on Twitter

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There is also something more emotional than that Carlos Tévez. And it’s in the middle of the rumors that apuntaban that si Boca Juniors quedaba afuera de la Copa Libertadores is this Wednesday ante Racing, ingen volvería más y se retiraría del football. If the embargo is not met at all, Boca ganó y Carlitos is more present than ever.

But most of all the football player, in his staff, the delinquent historian also has one special day, and that a couple of years of dating and no one can be a lad to his wife, while the curiosity of the curiosity is revealed through his Twitter account.

“Sorry to be in our anniversary. Make sure you have a party with the pipes”

Mediated the publication received miles of positive comments and interactions. El Apache contrajo matrimonio con Vanesa Mansilla el December 22, 2016, in a star-studded ceremony of the stars football.

Y de paso, TV lució mejor que nunca; at 36 years old, a 25-year-old chic appeared in the team’s victory Miguel Angel Russo about Racing y así Boca was installed in the semifinal of Copa, where he hopes Santos de Brasil.

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