Informs of the Mission of the UN on Venezuela corroborate the torture denunciations of political prescriptions surging in the current juices

The officials of the DGCIM tortured civilians and soldiers
The officers of the DGCIM tortured civilians and soldiers

Since October, a series of hearings of political judges, many of them engaged (archived), have taken place, with ten detainees. The action responds to the recommendation of the Bachelet Commission to accelerate the cases, between them more than a dozen conspiracies.

There have been many denunciations about the torture received by the military and civilians from the moment they were detained. The Mayor has coincidence. It is insolent that it is not the course of gravity that represents the height. Ingen es kualquier cosa violar derechos humanos.

The Mission of Determination of the Hechos that is reactive in its functions within one week, gives in its ultimate information that efterforskning 77 cases in which the General Directorate of Military Contraintelligence (DGCIM) arrested, detained and tortured active military officers and detainees and civilians asociadas.

Detail of these 77 cases, based on a clear explanation of direct information, such as interviews, court cases, video grabs, “also in reliable information gathered through reliable sources”.

Reconocen has reviewed the information received by the Criminal Forum regarding 339 military personnel detentions and associated civilians. At the moment there are 187 detainees, 61 with substitute mediators and 41 with liberty. “In a few cases, the DGCIM arrested, detained and tortured civilians without affiliation with any military operation.”

Deputy Ismael León was detained and imprisoned for months.  Nunca tuvo juicio y Maduro lo indultó
Deputy Ismael León was detained and imprisoned for months. Nunca tuvo juicio y Maduro lo indultó

The steps of the arrests

It is very important to acknowledge the focus on the arrests made by the DGCIM and that the information from the ONU explained very well, because siguen patrones are similar, many of them denounced in the brand of the juices that are currently being delivered.

The Mission identifies the following:

1. Tuvieron lugar during the day, was in the detention center’s labor camp or at the military base or in the DGCIM installations, on occasion when the detainee was summoned to a meeting.

2. The officials of the DGCIM is not identifiable ya menudo tenían el rostro cubierto y / o usaban alias. Ingen hindring, its institutional affiliation is evident on its uniforms, in some cases, by the logos of the vehicles.

Los arrestos tuvieron lugar en different places del país. In revised cases, arrests were made on 13 of Venezuela’s 23 states.

4. Detenidos fueron llevados a la sede central de la DGCIM and Boleíta of Caracas, it is directly the prime time for detention sites, over a period of hours or days.

5. During the transfers, the Mayor of the victims ten ojos vendados o eran traidas por indirect routes, supuestamente para confundirlas sobre su paradero.

6. The Mission identified a patron in the DGCIM staff do not present detention orders y / o do not explain the reason for the detention at the time of arrest, in violation of national and international human rights standards.

7. The Mission has reasonable motives for creating esa práctica era usual.

8. In all the cases investigated, salvo one, the Mission observed one discrepancy between the closing of the last known parade of victims and the official closing of detention or the official closing of the order of apprehension.

9. The solicitors’ acts signal the detention center within the 48 hours prior to the presentation hearing., in addition to completing the place established by the court for presentation before a tribunal after the detention. For example, the captain’s parade is discussed Rafael Acosta Arévalo from the 21st of June 2019, following the announcement by his family on the social media, for his official detention ceremony will take place on the 26th of June 2019, two days before his presentation.

10. In each of the cases investigated by the Mission, in the hours or days following the detentions, the high-level governmental authorities are making public statements about the offenses of those detained. it will provide information that it will respond to, as well as the video images received by the informants at the meetings in which it is planned to have state golf intentions.

11. The Mission observes that these statements perjudicaron the presumption of innocence and in addition owner pressure on judicial agents, in violation of Paragraphs 1 and 2 of Article 14 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Among the representatives of the Gobierno who make statements with frequency are the President Maduro, Diosdado Cabello (in his television program “Con el Mazo Dando”); the Minister of Communications, Jorge Rodríguez Gómez; the Minister of Defense, Vladimir Padrino López; y / o el Minister of the Interior, Néstor Reverol.

Captain Caguaripano disappears and is tortured
Captain Caguaripano disappears and is tortured

The costume of disappearing

One of the tax actions in the DGCIM and in the SEBIN is the figure of the disappearance when a person is detained. This allows the torturer to notify the Tribunal that there is a custodian of the organism in question.

The commission of the ONU revealed that its founding motives “to create that some military dissidents and people related to them would object to disappearances caused by short duration”.

“One detenidos, military and civilian associates fueron mantenidos sin ningún contact with el mundo eksteriør, during periods of five to six days without power to call families or acquaintances to inform of their parade ”.

Those who have committed suicide in cases, detainees’ families are present at the DGCIM offices to announce their action. “In some cases, no matter the proportion of information and otherwise, the staff of the DGCIM will notify the detainees.”

It is relevant to what the Mission indicates. “The international standards of human rights do not establish a minimum period of time during which a detainee must be subjected to a forced disappearance in order to produce the violation.”

Captain Acosta Arévalo was tortured and tortured by the Amezquita Pion Tribunal
Captain Acosta Arévalo was tortured and mourned by the Amezquita Pion Tribunal

The investigation that led the Mission to the revelation that “the DGCIM detention with frequency to persons in detention centers or non-official detention centers, especially in the first hours or detention days. The examination of the cases by the Mission revealed that since 2018, the use of these installations by the DGCIM has been increased ”.

“The first detention slides for detainees were carried out at the headquarters of the DGCIM Boleita or detention centers.” Identify six detention centers:

• A site of San Bernardino near Crema Paraíso.

• A house in the area of ​​Bello Monte de Caracas.

• A house in the San José urbanization in Fuerte Tiuna or near, in Caracas.

• A site in the Fuerte Tiuna where the Ministry of Defense and the Command of the Army held its seat.

• A site commonly known as Sorocaima or La Mariposa in the military zone of San Antonio of Los Altos in the city of Miranda.

• A location in the mountainous area of ​​the municipality of El Hatillo, located in Miranda.

El Coronel Mejía Laya tortured in the Dgcim
El Coronel Mejía Laya tortured in the Dgcim

It’s torture

The investigators of the United Nations will have “reasonable reasons to believe that the treaty was committed to the military detainees in the cases under investigation. equivale to torture or treat cruel, inhuman or degrading penises. Torture is defined as acts that cause pain or serious suffering, whether physical or mental. In order to be able to qualify as a torturer, these acts must be intentionally committed, committed with a specific proposal and implicated in an official / a public / a, directly or indirectly ”.

“The specific proposal may include the confession of a confession, the seizure of information, the punishment, the intimidation, the humiliation, the coercion or any reason based on discrimination”.

“Superficialities of the DGCIM cometieron torturas contra los detenidos in one of the cases studied ”, will present the Mission and it is precisely this that demonstrates the testimonies of the detained and tortured soldiers, which are symbolic as the cases of Igber Marín Chaparro and the coronel Jonny Mejía Laya.

The acts of torture are being produced generally during the interrogations, however, after the arrest, the detainees were detained without notice and before the hearing. Some detainees have also been tortured during previous detention periods in Boleita ”.

“The questions formulated by the detainees suggest that the acts should take place in order to obtain one. confession of the detainee, obtain information about the participation of others in alleged conspiracies y / o castigate the detainee”.

Important is that it reveals the information about an ex-official of Dgcim the day of the Mission, confirming the torture in the DGCIM. “The fountain dijo: ‘Había torture in detention centers. The supe by the colleagues that hablaron de ello. Tenías that provide the information to the person in any price‘”.

Investigators are seeking information on the conduct and methods of torture used by male and female DGCIM officers, military and associates. “The cases examined suggest that the methods of torture of the DGCIM will evolve between 2014 and 2020, with a view to the violence of 2017”.


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