IN VIVO: The marathon is becoming more dominant in the game; Olympia is not impressed! – Diez

Minute 23: First approximation of Olympics in the Marathon area with a cage of Jerry Bengtson that is near the green meta

Minute 20: Look! Allan Banegas’ intention is to surprise Harold Fonseca with a free shot of the Izquierda for his disappearance from the gate.

Minute 18: The party is interrupted by constant errors that keep the game unfolding. El árbitro aún no muestra tarjetas.

Minute 15: ¡Ufff! Kervin Arriaga casts his own free kick over the defensive wall.

Minute 9: Casi! The marathon was about to open the marker by Bruno Volpi, who had pulled out of the box below a center by Luis Vega and on the Harold Fonseca line.

Minute 3: The party has won a lot of impetus on the part of Marathon, which has carried out the rematches near the port of Olympia.


14:55: ¡Se saludaron! Argentine coaches Héctor Vargas and Pedro Troglio salute the preview of the match.

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Photo: Cortesía Marathón.

14:50: Ambos equipos ya regresaron a sus camerinos para los ultimos detalles antes de saltar al campo.

14:40: The temperature in the Yankel Rosenthal stadium is 29 degrees with a thermal sensation of 32 degrees. The sky has some clouds and it has only a 10% probability of lluvia.

14:30: Juvenile Axel Motiño is the big news in the 11 titles that Héctor Vargas sends to bring him to Olympia.

14:00: The Ultra Fiel bar made its typical appearance in the Olympics concentration camp’s efforts to reach its classic Marathon team.


Marathon: 25. Denovan Torres; 6. John Paul Suazo, 29. Bryan Johnson, 33. Kervin Arriaga, 65. Luis Vega; 8. Luis Garrido, 16. Allan Banegas, 30. Edwin Solano, 13. Marlon Ramírez; 67. Axel Motiño, 20. Bruno Volpi. DT. Hector Vargas.

Olimpia: 22. Harold Fonseca; 2. Maylor Núñez, 17. Jonathan Paz, 3. Elvin Casildo, 25. Javier Portillo; 20. Deybi Flores, 32.Carlos Pineda, 15. Edwin Rodríguez, 31. Marvin Bernárdez; 27. Jerry Bengtson, 19. Yustin Arboleda.

Stadium: Yankel Rosenthal.

Árbitro: Héctor Rodríguez.

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