“Il Padrino” has been jailed for more than 10 years by prison staffs with forged checks

Miami – Carlos Miguel Rodríguez, alias “Il Padrino”, 45 years old, was sentenced to 129 months in prison (more than 10 years) to the victims, informs these schools the Fiscalía.

Rodríguez, a Miami resident, used the fraud scams to buy a 39-night Midnight Express truck with Mercury triple 400 horsepower, among other goodies.

The prosecution executed the fraud plan with the help of two of its husbands, Carlos Miguel and Taily, and other people who also carried out lawsuits and conduct, according to a statement from the Florida District Tax Office.

To realize the staff, Rodríguez and his wife bought numbers, birth certificates, directories and social security numbers of banking customers in the “web web”.

With the robotic information, Rodríguez’s hijacker can access the bank accounts of the victims and change the contact information to a phone number that he and his father control.

También descargaron kontrolerer firmados por los titulares de la cuente para usarlos como plantillas para checks falsified.

Once the forged checks have been listed, “Il Padrino” is passed on to other people with the search box for people who go to the banks for cobblers.

In the same way Rodríguez has the tariff and recruits people who live in the cold or in refuge for people without hogar.

Tenian estafadores controllerer falsified cobrados en bancos del sur de Florida y da Californien, Texas og Utah, estados a los que travelar con ese fin.

Now it has deposited the effect of the forged checks in different bank accounts to deduct the money from the money.

In the year 2020 Rodríguez will be charged with conspiracy to commit bank fraud and electronic fraud, aggravated identity robbery and possession of a fugitive by force.

The hijacker of “Il Padrino”, Carlos Miguel Rodríguez Jr., and Kenny Alfaro will perform this March in 52 months of imprisonment and 46 months of imprisonment, respectively.

In each case, the order restores more than 1.8 million dollars to the victims.

The last month Raúl Alpizar González was sentenced to 52 months in prison and the order paid more than 1.8 million dollars.

Taily Rodríguez and Maipu Fonseca were sentenced to 24 months in jail and time for full credit, respectively.