How does digital benefit bring balance between personal and professional life? – ORH

The business dynamics are in a moment of transformation. A scenario in which terms such as business mobility, teleworking and flexible working begin to be exclusive to certain companies and positions while being part of the routine of millions of people around the world, thanks to digitalization. These, the offer to the important collaborators, allow to work from any place and select the schedules that most convengan.

Without embarrassment, it is also a situation in which different plants respond to the organizations in order to maintain productivity, motivation of collaborators and their ability to make a living. However, when he identified with some of the most sinister symptoms, he did not know how long it took to produce physical and mental energy.

A community that has received the alarm alarms such as the World Health Organization (OMS) that includes the Burn out the worker ‘syndrome’ syndrome within his list of patients. If it is a type of labor stress, it manifests itself with physical or mental agitation that can affect the self-esteem and productivity of people.

“All plant organizations have specific objectives. However, for starters, it is important to consolidate motivated, productive work teams that have the support of all types of alternatives that allow them to work in a healthy and safe environment. To guarantee their well-being, it is possible to support different technological solutions, such as elements that improve their experience and those that can unleash the potential of their collaborators “, affirma Juan Pablo Villegas, General Manager of Citrix Colombia.

There are elements that allow you to configure flexible and efficient work environments, the proportions that have access to the resources that the people need and prefer for the development of their work. Today all companies have the capacity to implement, guaranteeing with this is a mayor compromise of the equipment and for its productivity.

A situation that is answered by dates of Priming a New Era of Digital Wellness, a studio dedicated to conquering this year’s initiative by Quartz Insights in association with Citrix Systems, has already shared the opinion of various leading companies in the field of technologies and its impact on digital well-being. It has been possible to determine that 90% of economic partners such as the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, China, Japan and Australia will show more productive access to technological advancements that facilitate their work.

How to promote digital property in organizations?

At times, the Mayor’s co-workers own their work at home, it’s important that organizations and leaders understand what types of technologies result essential to help the worker and avoid his guests. That is, as an element that allows them to optimize, simplify and organize their work. What is the road to follow?

New role of leader

One of the most challenging principles that proposes this new working reality is the form in which the leaders and team members can guarantee the best of each of their collaborators. To this end, different scenarios must be contemplated that will be fundamental in order to strike a balance between professional and personal life. A first place is indispensable to establish clear objectives. Once upon a time, one of the employees would be able to establish ejaculation times and have other spaces to respond to another type of bond. A scenario in which flexibility plays a fundamental role.

Communication plays a crucial role in this new role of leader. In spaces where collaborators can communicate their advances, doubts, and other types of requirements, they can also inform and negotiate clear and direct work limits. It’s in line with the right that it has to be disconnected so that the labor expectations are completely transparent for each of the parties.

The role of technology in well-being

It is estimated that a trader can use up to 9.4 applications per day for the development of his tariffs. A situation that can produce sanction and stress due to various circumstances such as: lack of control and knowledge of the herramientas, the permanent adaptation to new contexts and functionalities of the solutions and a lack of autonomy of the work place.

However, organizations can count on solutions that are capable of providing this balance and flexibility that employees need to complete their work with Mayor efficiency and in a minor time. It is considered that the offerings have the possibility to access the necessary resources, without having to interact or use different applications during the day. We find technologies like Citrix Workspace that have been given a unique access to the applications and archives that are most commonly used today.

The implementation of the appropriate technological tools reduces the number of interruptions in essentials, allowing employees to concentrate on activities that are in progress. There are solutions that allow you to configure the systems, eliminating in this way the Slack notifications, the e-mail or the calendar updates during work schedules. It is possible to integrate into these systems artificial intelligence and machine learning application systems, with the possibility to automate certain areas that have no priorities.

Involvement of the areas of Human Resources and TI in the welfare strategies

The Human Resources Offices and the technical development areas of the organizations have a great deal to do with configuring these companies that should guarantee the well-being of employees. They must develop a work in conjunction with the development of a strategy that responds to the expectations of the collaborators, outlines the conditions for implementing a positive and fluid work experience.

In this process, Human Resources has to focus its work on understanding its specific needs of employees and the staff of each of them. This information will allow you to determine the working models and equipment you need for each case. Once in a while, the TI area is capable of establishing a strategy that is adaptable to its expectation of connectivity, tariffs, accesses and security of information, it is at the end to provide a value-added experience.

Today, technological advances are gathered in the allied principles of all organizations to guarantee the continuity and productivity of the business. But its potential is much greater. Its protagonism is all the more relevant as it heals the possibility of generating enterprises that guarantee the well-being and health of the collaborators, allowing you to establish a balance between your personal and labor life. Its solutions that offer great benefits while allowing simplify the work routine, the flow of tariffs and the development of its intelligent training functions.