Houston Rockets and NBA revised video of James Harden and a club for striptease, según fuentes

The Houston Rockets and the NBA are releasing a James Harden video of a mascara party at a striptease club to determine whether the league’s COVID-19 protocols violate the All-Star’s availability for the first game Houston Temporary The Nightmares of the Night, dijeron fuentes on ESPN.

The video, which was published by Black Sports Online and has been circulating in social media, which is apparently a Christmas party of a Houston striptease club celebrates this week. The Rockets and the league’s official are intent on verifying that a recent video was actually made, which confirms that Harden violated the league’s protocols.

The NBA’s COVID protocols prohibit players from going to bars, club salons and participating in social gatherings of more than 15 people.

In agreement with the health and safety protocols, the inclusion of the negative to complete may be assigned to a player with disciplinary action by the NBA or its team, including an advertisement, multiple and / or suspension, in addition to its obligation to attend a training or coaching session. The repeat offenders can be subject to a mayoral discipline.

A suspension for the Harden cost $ 284,517, which is 1/145 of his salary.

Harden, who solicited his teammate, violated the league’s COVID protocols during his letter of intent to the training camp commencement, assisting in the party of rapper Lil Baby og Atlanta og estuvo og klubber i Las Vegas. The league requires that Harden carry six consecutive coronavirus negative tests before receiving permission to practice with the Rockets.

There are ESPN thunderstorms that Harden cove COVID-19 during the year ahead of the NBA season, the reason given by the late Walt Disney World. The players who have recovered from the coronavirus have been able to follow the health and safety protocols of the league.

Bobby Marks de ESPN contributes and informs.