Horoscope today, December 24, 2020

Your horoscope today is here with your zodiac signs astrology forecasts for December 24, 2020 under the sun in Capricorn and the moon in Aries entering the Taurus.

The long awaited vacation for people all over the world is here.

Christmas Eve in many countries and families marks a special time for celebration.

It’s time to gather and eat until you are full.

Some people practice religious-themed events, and others enjoy the indulgence that this day offers.

Indulgence is part of the astrology that we find present in our horoscope forecast, but let’s not forget that some people are struggling – 2020 has made it a tough time for everyone.

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The sun is a sign of Capricorn. Capricorn indulges in work and it reveals that we still have things to do when this weekend is gone.

The moon enters the Taurus at. 5:58 EST, and Taurus is all about gathering what you have and bringing it into your home.

The moon in Taurus is hungry. The bull is a lover of all that is beautiful – good food, good art and friendly people.

This lunar phase is special for people who feel sad and those who have reasons to rejoice.

It is a growing gibbous Moon, so this signals that we are not where we need to be.