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Do you think that the most common mistakes in medicating the nests in the house are presented with lozenges and jars for pain and fever, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen?

The medicines for the sick can be complicated, explains doctor Elora Hilmas, specialist in the Clinical Clinic Hospital of the Children Alfred I duPont, in Wilmington, Delaware. Many parents are presumptive when their body needs a medicine because it can reduce the amount of time or one that is not enough to provoke secondary effects. The first recommendation she has is if not safe, consult with his doctor.

Especially at these times, taking care of your child at home is the best option for a fast recovery. For example, the nines that bind the flu or a frozen common deberian descansar much and beber abundant liquid (like water, jugo and kaldo) to avoid dehydration.

If they have the narcissus tapada, the saline solutions (water salad) can dilute the nasal secretions. A free vapor humidifier or an air vaporizer can maintain the humidity of the air, which will help to clear the nasal congestion. “If you use a humidifier or a vaporizer, make sure you clean and secure it well every day to prevent bacteria from creeping into its interior and forming it,” Hilmas said.

To use the free medicines on sale, have them with your doctor or pharmacist. Next to:

  • The number of the drug and how it is used.
  • What is the amount of medication, with what frequency and duration how long do you have to take your breath.
  • How to administer the drug: if it is ingiere, if it inhale or aspirates, if it is introduced in the oids, the ojos or the rectum or if it is applied to the skin.
  • Any special indication, as if the drug should be taken with its foods.
  • It will be necessary to preserve the medicine.
  • During this time, the drug can be kept safe until it is necessary to remove it.
  • Secondary effects are more frequent or drug reactions.
  • Interactions with other drugs that are in progress.
  • Who can cure if he heals a dose.

Other things to keep in mind when taking home medicines

Since the prescription of the drugs for sale with and without prescription medicine depends on the patient’s weight, make sure that the doctor and the pharmacist have up-to-date information about the weight and the weight of their weight. Very little medicine can be effective and an excess of medicine can be effective. In addition, different drugs contain different concentrations of components. For this reason, always try what the dice in the vase and ask the pharmaceutical if any doubt.

Make sure that your doctor and pharmacist have allergies or take other medicines regularly.

In some cases, medications are only available when the need arises to alleviate symptoms such as pain or suffering. Medicinal products for sale without prescription medicine such as alivian syndromes (such as paracetamol and ibuprofeno) should be used according to the recommendations of the doctor.

I did not give him any medicine for him or her at the request of the doctor, especially to the minor for 6 years. These drugs offer very few benefits to the little ones, informs Hilmas, and can have serious secondary effects. Many infantile drugs for toss and resuscitation have more than one component, which increases the probabilities of accidental overdose when using other drugs.

Many medicines need to be completed according to the treatment prescribed by the doctor, including even if they are found to be more than complete. For example, antibiotics help to kill bacteria, so it is important to take all doses, including those that cause the symptoms to disappear. Conversely, if the infection were to reactivate the infection.

Learn about the acetylsalicylic acid

No acetylsalicylic acid has one, so all during viral infections (like the virus, like the flu, the varicella or an infection of the high respiratory tract), because it can cause Reye’s syndrome. It is a vital risk factor, which causes nausea, vomiting and extreme fatigue, which can evolve into a state of coma.

Some medicinal products for sale without medical prescription (including some that treat the pain of cabbage and nasal congestion) contain acetylsalicylic acid. For this reason, always keep the prospectus and consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking them. In addition, in some medicines that contain the acid, different flavors are used (as salicylated or acetylsalicylated). For this reason, also avoid these medicines.

Basic norms for using safe forms of medicine

Always consult your doctor if you are unsure of your symptoms and require medication.

Intet brug nunca medicamentos que hayan sobrado de tratamientos previos. For example, pharmaceuticals often need more work from the manufacturer to produce other types of supplements. If so, he knows that his son completes the treatment, deshágase de las sobras. If a drug is taken that is taken as needed, fíjese en la fecha de caducidad to ensure that no one administers his drug.

There are never any medicines that are prescribed for another person, is an adult or a niece. Although the person has the same disease, he or she may need different medications at different doses and with different indications.

There is no such thing as a medicine for adults.

Consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking them two types of different medicines which contains the same components.

If you buy medicines for sale without a prescription, understand that its envoy does not present signs of manipulation, y ingen brug ningún envase roto, cortado o estropeado. Make sure you also buy the gift certificate.

Work with your pharmacist to be able to dispose of one historisk sobre los medicamentos de toda su familia. Consult your pharmacist if you have any questions about any medicine, including information about possible side effects or reactions to the medicine.