Here is the Christmas of Pablo Escobar: derroche, superstitions, reszos y ‘caridad’ del narco colombiano | Sociedad | La Revista

The life (and death) of Pablo Escobar is a story that has no day to create myths, some related to his crimes of fortune, and others with his style of life and intimacy in family. Christmas for the Colombian cape is an important celebration. A family party.

The United States Telemundo channel has access to Laura Escobar, the drug addict ‘s sovereign, who is dedicated to economically exploring the image of his ten through guided tours, souvenirs and a large portfolio of objects of interest around his figure. About the Christmas of Escobar, the female also has a story to tell.

According to Infobae, Laura genskaber in a capo much more confidential, an image that mantuvo dentro of his nucleus most cercano, even from the same order ordenaba the most atrocities criminals.

Pablo Escobar joins his wives Manuela and Juan Pablo, and his wife Victria Henao (Victoria Eugenia Henao – Redaktionel Planeta).

Among the eccentric rituals of Pablo Escobar during this epoch of December are the mandatory results in figures like El Niño Jesús de Atocha o al Arcángel San Miguel, in which it is recommended that he does not find the authorities, the DEA or his only ones, all behind his cabeza.

Concerning the rituals of protection and prosperity, the woman says to the Telemundo chain that it has been preserved since 27 years “a red bolsita, of terciopelo, with a cordon cordado, and inside it has five elements: health, abundance, prosperity, love and gratitude, ”said Laura Escobar obligatory amulet of the head for the end of the year.

Laura Escobar showcases the objects of her time. Photos: Captura de Telemundo.

But over the years, the same Pablo Escobar has turned into a superstition figure for people who peregrinan and assist in his tours in Medellín. Between the calls of the capital of Antioquia, where the mayor of the history drug cartel operates, Telemundo met Miguel Ángel Cardona, a man who makes sure that the figure of Escobar is his own amulet of good luck with his fechas.

Cardona has as much costume, in the Christmas card, tickets of a dollar with the drug addict, mezclados with religious figures. De esa manera, terninger, ha logrado atraer el dinero y ganar en los juegos de lotería locales. Include the question as to why the tenant is fair, responds that she (Escobar) lives in the house.

Carolina Coy, the correspondent for the Medellín Stadium, informs that between the end-of-year costumes of Narco only solo cabalas, we were also practically a requisite that the whole family would be reunited, and of course, birthdays and birthdays, one of Colombia’s most traditional passports for these times.

The regalos, one of their disabilities

Años antes de su muerte, Jhon Jairo Velázquez Vásquez (alias, Popeye), el exjefe de sicarios del Cartel de Medellín y uno de los masbres má cercanos a Escobar, revelo in su YouTube canal que el narco amaba las navades, y que una of his disabilities eran los regalos para su hija Manuela, en los que escatimaba esfuerzos para complir sus deseos.

One of the stories that contains the eccentricity of his behavior in these cases is the invent a unicorn. Pick out the frames on his men that will show you a pure white horse of pure breed to convert into the mythological animal. To do this, the equine has the opportunity to build a tower corner at the point of the cabbage and installs some papal ales, only to rejoice in it.

The result was as tragic as the one that preceded Escobar, the cavalry murmur of a generalized infection in the smallpox, which at the moment accounts for the capercaillie of the cape, which is the signal of the deaths of 3,000 people, of all ages in confesar 250.

Following the death of Escobar, the history of the unicorn is only a myth, surpassed by the day that he had five years and the father of the king a black yegua.

Manuela, wife of Escobar, in his accompanying number five about the yugua that regalo the capo.

But for Escobar, there was a problem, according to Velázquez, many of the animals that lived in the popular Hacienda Nápoles were actually capricious of their heifers, which pedia species new every short time. Here is the action with television stars, songs and all kinds of characters.

For his wife, Victoria Henao or La Tata, the drug trafficker also offers large parties and in Navidad she has a parade of millions of dollars in joys, trips and rides giving ‘treasures’ to her parents.

The ‘charity’ works

It is appreciated that many of Medellín’s guardians of Escobar have their origins in one of their Christmas traditions. In the months of December, when they amass a fortune on account of drug trafficking, both the philanthropic trade union will help all the tamans and the less favored ones of the capital of Antioquia.

During a month of December, narco mando to build a barrier with more than 200 lives for the poor people who live in Moravia, the great city of Medellin. We also have 50 football pitches and envelopes for the tree for all the inhabitants of this region. Lo llamaban el “Robin Hood Paisa”.

In Medellin’s barricaded intricacies there are no such services as water; electricity and telephones. Alli fue como los diciembre cambiaban todo. La Navidad de Pablo Escobar æra la más esperada; there are mysteriously large contracting houses. In the same way you have services, you have concrete calls and you need a taxi; for the working family jefe.

The poor residents of the Medellín barricades also receive everything; received from the committee, cars and hasta becas. The hopeful people are the royal gifts given by “El Patrón”; the same iban desde televisores además de cocinas.

Including when Escobar was gathered in Itagüí’s square, he had enough money to organize a Christmas on the alto with a huge banquet and music, giving his mother the special invitation. Just starting December was when the cape was released from this type of celebrations and for that feeling much nostalgia to be with his wives, to the point that arriesgó all for loss.

Cada Noche Buena Escobar manages to complete Manuela’s designs. Papa Noel’s niece card was a mandate for him. If he wanted a new animal for the Hacienda Nápoles zoology, he would only find that he was forced to move from Africa on a private plane. If his wife asks for a song or a figure of the television, he organizes a party for the star actuary only for the family.

The same Juan Pablo Escobar o Sebastián Marroquín -om nombre que eligió elijo borgmester del jefe narco when empezó a new life in Argentina to empezar a new life-, graphs the devotion that sent his father by his family with a revelador record de las guaridas su hermanita tiritaba de frío y no había modus de calentar la habación. So far, his father and I have been the only ones to have a cure and a cold sore: a bag of dollars. Quemó dos millones. (I)