Hawaii Community Raises Funds to Buy Car for a Vigilante Manejó 3 Miles to Develop Tickets | Univision Trending News

Chloe Marino and his wife Gray listened to the timber of their home in a Waiehu, Hawaii nursery on December 12th. At the opening of the door, Gray found the figure of a complete disclosure that presented the intact ticket that his wife had spent hours in a supermarket.

The mayor’s surprise was that when the young man, who identified himself as Aina Townsend, had to drive 3 miles on his bicycle.

“Antes de volver a casa me detuve para hacer unas compras en el supermarket del vecindario y, con las prisas de llevar a mi hijo y regresar, ni siquiera me di cuente de que había dejado mi billetera de el carrito de la tienda”, contó Chloe to Univision News by phone.

At the end of its turn as vigilante of the food country of Kahului, Aina, 22 years old, decided to turn over the ticket while verifying the direction of his two. The corridor, just like the one that came up, the tomo to muchacho almost a hour.

“The fact that an extra person was involved in the crime of driving his bicycle was something that really surprised me. It’s something that the day in the tent and otherwise, after working, the molestia takes place in order to enthrall algo to a person who has no secure connection “, Chole said.

“On the following day, we will comment on the large gesture in the frames of the tent and its security guards for the job”, agreed.

A couple of days later, Gray wrote on his Facebook account that he had been robbing his wife during the day at the supermarket. According to the publication, a friendly decision was made to open a page to raise funds to sell a car to Aina in a manner of appreciation for its honesty.

Hasta ahora, la pagina ha recaudado casi $ 23,000 thanks a 710 donors that he was summoned to the petition and that he would help the young man who had used his bicycle since he was five years old to transfer from a place to another of the island.

“Significa mucho”, dijo Townsend a la cadena CNN. “It’s just a matter of getting a better transport. Now I can do more things for my family. It’s the most important part”.

Townsend appreciates the Marino family for their kindness, even though he does not know much about it. “Only hice what creates correct”, afirmó.