Hallan has irregularities with the voting vote in Culebra

The Electoral Commission of Popular Democratic Party (PPD), Gerardo “Toñito” Cruz, denounces these mercenaries who are irregular supporters in the electoral votes issued in the electoral contingent by Culebra’s Alcaldia.

At the press conference, Cruz detailed one of the irregularities that hailed that included electors registered in other jurisdictions, soliciting votes in favor of correcting papers sent to a post office and electorate that no longer exists.

Attribution these problems to the Electoral Code, passed the 20th of June.

Culebra is the best example of the approval of an Electoral Code designed to allow a fraudulent vote. Now, an elector can solicit the vote cast in his favor, without any explanation, ”said Cruz, along with Culebra’s spokesman, Iván Solís.

In Culebra he recalls that he started in the college Roberto Clemente as part of the general scrutiny, given that Edilberto (Junito) Romero, candidate of New Progress Party prior to solo dos votos frente and Solís.

Cruz points out that he has four voters who sing and live in Culebra pidieron su papeleta to a directorate of the municipality, but the duo of the property have no corner with their electors.

Otra of the irregularities that mention is of an elector who, according to the social speeches, live in United States, but solicited vote ahead of time as resident of the island municipality.

“I could have voted for it, because I did not have to justify why I had to ask the paper for the Florida or Texas law. “This voter can vote for the ballot box, but the vote will take place in the correct version so that the ballot paper has a board where it also receives the ballot papers in its mother’s and her husband’s,” he said.

Culebra’s Alcalde, for its part, said it was referring to the Justice Department.

“We are going to establish in Culebra that democracy is struggling and the electoral law because in Culebra we are pioneers in the historical repercussions. Since the beginning of 2012, we have been recovering the fines, lamentably due to the pandemic we are not harassing any recovery proceedings, but many of these votes have been approved by the Junta Administrative Vote Ausente and Voto Adelantado posterior to the recovery case, indicator.