Government of EE.UU. return visa to anyone who appears in the “List Engel” | El Salvador News

El Gobierno de EE.UU. will send to Congress the list of persons involved in acts of corruption.

The “Angel List” is the common name given to the list that includes the new Ley Mejorada of Compromise with the Northern Triangle.

This form of normative dicha is known for being pulsed by the prominent congresswoman Eliot Engel, spokesman for the situation in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, and critical critique of the sociability of institutional politicians in this area.

An assessor from the Congressional Congress explained to the periodic guatemalteco Hora quiénes seran the principals framed to elaborate this list of persons who are waiting against democracy or sean vinculados and acts of corruption from their positions of power.

LEA ADEMÁS: Congreo EE.UU. approve them to prevent entry into the corruption of the Northern Triangle

The most important actors to carry out their investigations are the Department of State, the White House and the Department of Treasury in the North American country, while Guatemala will be the Embassy, ​​because they are located in the country and within the Department of State. in Guatemala, ”said the midwife.

United States sue retaliate against persons who oppose human rights acts or acts of corruption in its countries, as it has recently been reported in Nicaragua and Venezuela.

Otra of the media that suele tomar United States is the union of activists in this nation and the negative of entering into suadounounidense including in families of the civil servant of corruption in his lands of origin.

Engel must understand that the strength of this new normative instrument will help to strengthen democracy in the region and to increase its hopes in the application of this from 2021.

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