Google Pixel 4a is said to be the most critically acclaimed Pixel phone to date. It achieved an almost perfect score in our own test and was almost unanimously awarded the coveted 2020 Smartphone of the Year title by our editors. What’s even better about the budget master is that it’s available at a discounted price just before Christmas and shaves a respectable $ 30 off its retail price – a first for baby Pixel.

B&H currently offers a coupon discount on the Pixel 4as MSRP of $ 349. The coupon is used automatically when you check out at a final price of $ 319 before tax, which is the lowest 4a has ever been (yet outside of odd subscription offers). The store also throws in a basic clear TPU case and what definitely seems to be free shipping.

Pixel 4a is already a great deal at its full price, and this B&H discount only makes the deal sweeter. Just make sure to grab one before the timer runs out or the stocks dry up. Though at this price, the chances of the latter happening first seem higher.