Goodbye, Bisogno! Filter the list of possible new conductors of “Ventaneando” | EL IMPARCIAL

CITY OF MEXICO. – It appears that the controversies and scandals of Daniel Bisogno finally the cobbled invoice, then a list filtered in social speeches that will show women the new conductors of “Ventaneando” by 2021.

Since the 10th of December, También skupiller has been in vogue with Javier Ceriani, presenter of the program “Chisme No Like”, did not want to appear in the Azteca program, and it is clear that he was suspended until the final of su mala actitud.

Although it appears that the Azteca’s salute will be definitive, then the YouTube channel Argüende TV revealed that the series of conductors will be replaced by other program integrators.

Agreed to the same medium, it was on Tuesday that the programming manager, Sandra, announced that the executives of the Aztecs would authorize 20 pilots of production with the same style of “Ventaneando”, and would be sent to A +.

“In the event that the result, emcees alternating with Ventaneando, or in its defect divides the transmission of one and the duration of the other. “It’s nothing new, it’s many years old, it has normal emissions, and the United States, for the Aztecs of America, is exactly what it’s supposed to do,” the YouTube channel reported.

We also know that Ricardo Manjarrez, María Inés and Ricardo Casares are the most powerful candidates to lead this new program.

“The drivers with the van grabbed the pilots, not wanting to find them flying, but he liked, only those who needed to change, Ricardo Casares, Ricardo Manjarrez and María Inés. These are their confirmed and aggregated conductors the most that will have to present the first week of January, because they are grabbed in the same way as the ‘Ventaneando’ forum in the open months and holiday regresses “, informs Argüende Tv.

Syndembargo, Flor Rubio stated in the Spectacular Formula that his partner “Venga la Alegría” would abandon the matinee issue.

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