‘God bless me! God bless me! ‘: Cinco muertos in accident vial in Nueva York

YONKERS, New York, EE.UU.- An automobile that houses the Embassy police station in another suburb of New York City, partisan for the purpose of killing five people, informs authorities.

The success of Yonkers, north of the city, at 9:30 a.m. March, informs Mike Spano’s alcalde and politician John Mueller.

The driver of the vehicle that had excess velocity, 36 years, failure, in addition to the four men in the other vehicle, all 18 years old.

The broadcaster WNBC-TV-rapport – que, segun amistades, los cuatro eran jóvenes, recién graduados de la secondary.

Spano calls the hecho “nothing less than a tragedy … Four lives are said to be due to the irresponsibility of an individual”.

“This service will serve as a guide to the excesses of speed: this alone is a danger to you and also to the ignorant people who share the car with you”, said in a statement.

Spano and Mueller show that before the shock, the police will try to detain the car, a 2009 Infiniti, because it zigzagged through life. The vehicle breaks down, but is apparently arranged.

When the police pursued it, the car was driven by another 18-year-old girl, in 2006 Nissan. This “caused catastrophic days and both vehicles” affirmed Spano and Mueller.

The crash occurred at 9:30 a.m. on Riverdale Avenue near Culver Street, at the intersection of Ludlow Park. Metal debris laid out in three frames.

Police will close access to Riverdale Avenue for more hours.

The Infiniti Police identification team as Devon Haywood, Mount Vernon, and the Nissan foursome as Brandon Sierra, Randy Brisbane, Tamari Watkins and Anthony Cruz, all Yonkers residents.

WNBC reports that the security cameras of a gasoline-powered station are currently in a state where one of the vehicles is speeding and shocking against the other, where four men are parked.

María Delgado, a woman from the zone, dijo and WABC-TV who was having an affair and living with a man who was crying and crying “God bless me! God bless me! ”

Delgado added that corridor would make the place, where the broken bodies on the asphalt and one of the vehicles left at the center.