Gisselle surprises his fans with a radical change of “look”

The 2020 -also that for many- there is a year of change for the merengue and presenter Gisselle. First wine will be the good accompaniment of the musical video of the theme “I love idiots” in which participants of entertainment such as Tita Guerrero, Ivonne Orsini, Angelique Burgos and the commissioned resident Jenniffer González.

Hoy, también empresaria surprendió a sus seguidores con un radical radical corte de cabello.

“Cambios te renuevan”, sostuvo la cantante, quien luce feliz y radiante con el Resultado. “El atrevimiento fue grande”, added as an expression to the shortness of his pelo.

Luego, at the time of having revealed his style change, the artist published another photo in the social speeches to show the complete change.

“Tengan pa ‘que se entretengan”, written.

Positive and elusive comments from colleagues and followers do not hesitate to hope.

“Bella. Jeva. Can you play now? ”, The producer of the Puerto Rico University, Emmanuel Irizarry. While, singer Ednita Nazario and actress Sara Jarque express that Lucia “bella”.

The song “Te amo, idiota”, interpreted by Gisselle, was launched in June. In the original video also featured artists and personalities like Milly Quezada, Yolandita Monge, Giselle Blondet, Karla Monroig, Joyce Giraud, Gricel Mamery, Norwill Fragoso, Daniela Droz, Ivana Fred, Lizmarie Quintana, La India, Brenda Ivelisse Rivera, Alex López and Yizette Cifredo.

With the launch of the musical number, the #challengeteamoidiota created that pretended to create a video, but on that occasion with the participation of the public.