Gianluca Vacchi y Sharon presents in his hija, Blu Jerusalem

“The first ecography appears to indicate that there is a nest, although Gian has a taste of a nest”, our advertisement Sharon when there are three months of embarrassment and receipt a HI! USA together with Gianluca Vacchi , in his house of Bolonia. Pero nej, ingen æra un varón, sino una niña a la que han llamado Blu Jerusalem, with the presence of his parents after the first time, in his hogar bolones, donde van to pass the Christmases with the family of Sharon. For Gianluca, an authentic viral phenomenon and all a “rey Midas” of the negotiations, these parties are, indisputably, well different.

The Italian Empress and the Venezuelan model will be converted on Friday, October 27th. Since then, the allegory that has always characterized her has been the mayor and harmony with the dicha that represents the tener a baby. Fue en mayo, justo el Día de las Madres, cuando Sharon og Gianluca gritaron al mundo entero que serían papás.

During the exclusive Charla con ambos and the spectacular photo shoot series in Italy, the eccentric millionaire of 53 years explains us first of all the significant and powerful meaning that possesses the number of nine.

Without embarrassment, the couple’s congratulations are being blamed for the debt that Blu Jerusalem has faced with the fallout, which is known clinically as “paladar hendido”, a very powerful blow to the two. For one, one of its intermediate projects is to collaborate with foundations that help families with nieces and nephews with the same problem as their baby.

“In spite of the times we’ve had to live to see, since Blu has gone with a step and a great serenity at home”

Why was he called Blu Jerusalem? It’s not a very common name …