Georgia’s Secretary of State Joins GOP Efforts to End Unfounded Voting in Absence

On Wednesday, Georgian Secretary of State Brad Rafensperger joined his Republican counterparts in demanding that all voters be barred from submitting ballots without justifying the reasons why they could not vote in person.

Many states imposed “unfair” absentee voting in 2020 to prevent crowds from voting during the coronavirus pandemic, although this has been the case in Georgia for 15 years. In the wake of high voter turnout and the tumultuous results of the 2020 election, Rafensperger supported the elimination of this practice during a Georgia House hearing.

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“The amnesty system was enacted into law in 2005 – most of you, long before you can go to the General Assembly – make no sense if we have three weeks to vote in person,” Rafensberger said. In accordance with federal rules that do not allow us to maintain cleanliness of our to-do list and registration files. ”

Rafensberger also noted that the possibility of everyone voting through inadmissible voting poses logistical difficulties.

Rafensberger also changed the standard of who can vote in absentia, and also demanded that voters be given ID cards for absentee ballots, instead of the existing signature matching system, which would be subjective.

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Proposals to improve election security came shortly after Rafensberger said most allegations of voter fraud during the November election were void. He opened the hearing by saying that “although” there are real, substantive questions “,” but the vast majority of the claims we have seen on the internet and in the media and in the Capitol Halls are simply baseless. “

Asked why he wanted Rafensberger’s office to eliminate the irreparable vote, Ryan Germany, the secretary-general’s secretary general, explained: “It is more difficult to build trust in this process.”

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So far, Georgian voters have demanded more than 1.3 million absentee ballots in the January 5 Senate run-off, with 1.2 million people voting in person earlier.

Georgia Senate Republicans have said they will act to make the change, as well as require voter ID cards for absentee ballots, after President Trump lost less than 12,000 votes. And more than 450,000 for Trump.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.