From the pesadilla to the plenitude

Hirving Lozano is a spokesman for the sufrimiento, desde callar y trabajar. Never send a true statement of tone, do not search for it easy easy (irse a otro equipo), enfrentó la adversidad y la venció.

Hoy parece lejana the first time ‘Chucky’ in Naples commenced with artificial fuels to convert to the more car fichaje from the history of the club, and was also a man of confidence in the technical entities Carlo Ancelotti.

Syndembargo, aquella felicidad fue efímera. The team in the fireplace in the first journals, with which the historic Italian coach fled cesado and here is the pesadilla of the Mexican delantero.

The Legacy of Genaro Gattuso completely changed the panorama for Hirving Lozano, which did not have an indisputable title – Ancelotti included it used as a center – in this case an ‘apestado’.

The new coach is loading display Pachuca’s executor publicly states: “he has learn -one defenderif only as a niño”. Además, lo corrieó un un traenamiento alegando mala acteit, y no solo n jugaba, si no que on occasion no salía ni a banca.

El Napoli fue Champion of the Italian Cup and the ‘Chucky’ un spectator more, then even if it appears in photos with the trophy, the reality is that his contribution to dicho logro fue nulo.

In order for these songs to be played, the voices that were condensed at Gattuso and unstable at Lozano were looking for another team, then they were “clear“Que con los’The Azzurri‘”neverIba a jugar.

What happened? Hirving sighed, Gattuso sighed, sighed; is more, is compromised to “recover” and delantero is curtai part of the mayor apprenticeship in his career.

“When he is happy (Gattuso) is a ogro… The experience of the past mig abrió los ojos”, Erklær el ‘Chucky’ did some weeks in an interview with Aztec TV.

Salió fortalecido, apprentio y hoy, a todas luces, es un mejor futbolista. Long live the best stage of his career, is a more complete player because he demands his coach, learns in defense. The physical disgust that has in the demanding Serie A is unquestionably impressive.

Lozano no solo ‘vuela‘for the bands – the right preference – also tombién with a victim work to support the lateral when his team does not have the balloon. For this result is frequent that in the second times sale room, but it is not obedience to what is being judged, it is difficult to do the work that is done impossible which lo haga to tope for 90 minutes.

If anything, it has featured the career of ‘Chucky’ since his debut with the Pachuca in February 2014 – the goal of the United States – is the evolution constant as demonstrator, both in clubs as in National Selection.

Hirving learn, es intelligent, absorb. As a living game, it always is inquieto. I did not want to know about the first mano to be able to say that it is not thick, crece y crece. I have 25 years and now that I am in a big moment, I have not reached the top.

The most important thing that Hirving Lozano can do is keep up the good work pesadilla with the legacy of Gattuso to Naples. Hoy, agradece watel dolor que le ayudó a encontrar la plenitude.