Frank Ntilikina does not know his Knicks role in a dark future

Frank Ntilikina would also like to know if he plays in Wednesday’s season opener in Indiana.

Ntilikina, the Knicks’ 2017 lottery pick, missed the last two preseason games with Achilles tenderness.

He’s in a dogfight in rotation minutes with the Knicks’ backfield depth, and coach Tom Thibodeau announces he wants a 10-man rotation.

“It’s going to be the coach’s decision,” Ntilikina said after Wednesday morning shooting in Indiana. “As players, we just have to be ready to jump on the field when they call us. The opportunities we have, we have many talented guards. This means many opportunities for the coach.

“We will be a talented team. Right now, this question is more for the coach to figure out what he wants to do. My job is to be ready for every single game. ”

Monday’s deadline passed without Ntilikina, 22, getting a rookie contract extension – which was expected. Ntilikina said he had never had discussions about it and he will, as previously reported, become a limited free agent by 2021.

Therefore, his future remains dark, and a trade deadline deal should be a consideration for the Knicks if he is not completely in rotation. Of course, the Knicks could also add the Frenchman to a package for a star.

Phil Jackson and Steve Mills, who drafted Ntilikina at No. 8, are gone. In addition, Ntilikina fired his CAA agent Leon Rose after his debut year. Rose is now the Knicks’ president.

Knicks Frank Ntilikina
Frank Ntilikina
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“That’s what it is,” Ntilikina said of the lack of a contract extension. “I am more focused on the game and the season. That’s what the main focus is on getting better every day and trying to make our goals successful. ”

After the second preseason game in Detroit, Ntilikina began to feel Achilles’ discomfort.

“Something happened during the game, but the pain happened after the match,” said Ntilikina. “I’m feeling very well. We worked with trainers and coaches to make me feel better. ”

Thibodeau has seen Ntilikina as an off-the-ball guard in training camp – not at that point. Alec Burks and Reggie Bullock were able to finish ahead of Ntilikina on the depth map. Ntilikina averaged 15 minutes into his two preseason games, shooting 37.5 percent.