Florida does not meet the CDC’s suggested priorities for evacuating its population: women tend to prioritize in the second stage

REUTERS / Eduardo Munoz / Pool
REUTERS / Eduardo Munoz / Pool

La evacuation of medical workers and persons of the third eda residencies in residences and for more than one week Florida y, if well have the moment han llegado dose menu of those who are hopeful, all are thinking about it next step.

El gobernador Ron DeSantis announce that the next in line of priority to receive the vacancies will be the 70-year-old people, by means of essential workers and people with pre-existing illnesses. In this way, Florida converts to one of the first states to take a position in a debate that has divided the country, according to a very strong recommendation from them Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, por sus siglas in English). Ideally, persona de la third party, essential workers and those with pre-existing illnesses are the varied group in receiving the second priority priority for the evacuation. But reality is that no hay dose for all at the moment.

DeSantis posted the announcement in press release from The villages, a community of approximately 78 miles of very high-altitude power supply in downtown Florida that has been converted into the state’s most powerful bastion.

The vacancies are destined for those who are major leagues. And this is our major adult population. Florida er ikke en poner og trabajadores sanos y jóvenes por encima de nuustros ancianos, que son más vulnerable”, Afirmó DeSantis.

The governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis.  EFE / EPA / DAN ANDERSON / Archive
The governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis. EFE / EPA / DAN ANDERSON / Archive

The mayors of 70 years tend to prioritize vacancies in the phase 1B of Florida. I do not have a feca certa for the commencement of this phase, but I have not completed the phase 1A, which is what includes them medical workers and geriatric residents. In the state he has distributed vacancies of Pfizer y de Modern, although the authorities in Tallahassee have not confirmed a clear number of people who have been inoculated until now.

DeSantis is not the only governor who tends to make a decision on the style in the next few days. The delivery of vacancies is less that the need of the population, and hay that prioritize. Following a study conducted by the public health school TH Chan of Harvard University in collaboration with the University of Colorado, evacuate the more young people who are actively working to maintain the level of contagion, but evacuate to the most advanced edition to avoid more deaths. The priority added is different in each state depending on the social composition. Florida, traditionally an destination chosen by retirees from all over the country, has it second mayor mayors of 56 years in the country. This group consists of 20.5% of the state population.

DeSantis also stated that there was a reason for its decision practice. The category of people under 70 years of age with pre-existing illnesses is very powerful and can include virtually the entire population.

“How will we make this selection? Do you want the hospital to have many occupied hospitals to analyze case by case to see who has the most risk? What is the criterion for directing a person to have a nurse who qualifies to receive the vaccine while another person is actually receiving the recipient?”, DeSantis asks.

The reality is that probably tampoco haya sufficientes dosis in close proximity to how to evacuate all the mayors of 70 years. And this is a point that DeSantis has not explained. When will the major adults be the first to receive their vaccine? It will certainly be about the march in the next days.


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