Fernanda Castillo and Erik Hayser, your son papás

Tras una dulce y larga espera, Fernanda Castillo y Erik Hayser your son papás de un hermoso niño. The pair of actors, received first hijo on December 19th, here’s a few minutes to share your official Instagram account.

“Liam Hayser Castillo 19/12/2020 #SomosTres”, write the actors of their personal profiles of dicha platform, where they will empress the congratulations and good wishes for the new family Hayser Castillo.

The price is happy.

Record that last month, November, Fernanda and Erik are preparing an emotional ceremony to announce the generation of their baby. Posteriorly, the guapa actress celebrates a pair of different baby showers, with her distance and the presence of her closest friends.

Everything is very good.

If you have any questions, please note that there are some detailed explanations for the location of the little house in Liam, and we followed it up with a radical change of look, preview of its size primogenito.

The little one died on December 19th.