Fallece Sandy Carriello, integral of the iconic duo Sandy & Papo

EL NUEVO DIARIO, SANTO DOMINGO. Falleció is this Wednesday the artist Sandy Carriello, 48 years old, the iconic duo of the 90s, Sandy & Papo.

At the moment it is assumed that the cause of the deces was an entrance.

Connected by his performances in the duo of e merengue house and hip-hop, Sandy formed a rap group, which was presented in several concerts, clubs and television, competing with similar groups for the election of women bailaran and rimaran mejor. It was one of those opportunities that gave Papo a relationship with someone who had an inexperienced love, but had to be integrated into different groups.

Luego Sandy MC together with Mariano mc, Careta, Mofeta, Chinito and Berman forman the group Boogie Down Rap and for the year 1989 commenced to present in television programs like “Sábado de Corporán”, don comenzan en darse en conocer og el país. From ahí empieza the verdadera history of hip hop dominicano.

In 1991 he presented the opportunity to travel to New York. Although with some sadness, he radiates in Babel de Hierro, always thinking of his friends and his sons, who only Iban will give as a record of the good moments of his nieces. Fue allí donde se reencontró a su amigo Papo.

In 1992 he was discovered by Pavel de Jesús and Porfirio Piña, in a conviction hearing to replace some of the group members such as Proyecto Uno and Clan De La Furia. Asimismo intervenieron en la remezcla del tema “La dueña del swing”, la cual era interpretada af Los Hermanos Rosario.

Approximately launched in October 1995 when we finalized our first discographic production for the Parcha Records cell, which was distributed by Antilla Records Distributors. The duo Sandy and Papo mc have been known to be famous at the national and international level. Being one of the pioneers of urban Dominican music, grabaron rap, merenhouse, reggae, hit hop, etc. Realized gears from Venezuela, Colombia, United States, Mexico and Canada, as well as all of Central America and South America.

In 2000 Sandy released the album Homenaje a Papo dedicated to his failed partner Papo MC in a vehicle accident in Santo Domingo Este. Posteriormente en 2005 Sandy vuelve al mundo de la música con el albums “El Duro Soy Yo” donde se deprenden temos com “El Hijo De Doña Beba (Tu Mujer)” y “Pa ‘Qué Me Tiras”; is the ultimate in allusion to Magic Juan, artist with whom he has a musical background.