Expertise on the ball predicts a streak of dollars in 2021

The Peter Schiff Ballroom corridor predicts that the dollar index will be close to 71.58, the highest of all times recorded in 2008.

Last week, the cayo dollar index for the first time in the 90s since December 2018. According to the Peter Schiff Ball Corridor, this is the only principle that will have a huge impact in 2021.

In his latest ‘podcast’, Schiff predicted that the diploma of the stadium will not be released next year, so that it will continue to read the legend of 71.58, the most bad of all the times, which were recorded in the in 2008.

“We have a long truck to pick up to go to,” admits the expert. “We have 20 points. Peru luego hai un caída aún borgmester og territorio unexplorado una vez que pasemos de 70”, agregó.

Schiff rejects the idea of ​​the Federal Reserve of EE.UU. of a dollar that could be positive for the economy of the country.

“What they do is simply create more inflation because of some way of thinking that there is a compensation and if we have more inflation, we will have less example. In reality, we will have more than one debt in a mayor’s inflation. suffers as a result of an increase in the cost of living “.

The ball corridor is also signaling that it is a mistake to think that a dollar is a dollar from the exporting companies a competitive sale, and that the countries need to finish their tickets and products. “No export products for the simple hecho of tener work”, defense, “export products because they import other products”.

In Schiff’s opinion, the term of the foreign exchange division is a signal that international demand is declining because the market is saturated with dollars. This, in turn, poses a serious problem for the Federal Reserve, which has a unique way of controlling interest rates and is becoming increasingly monetary.

“The only reason why the Federal Reserve has paid with it all its estimates and economic returns is because the world has made it possible to buy all these dollars. But now the world has no dollars and no “It’s emphatic to disgrace them, but this process is going to end,” Schiff concluded.