Elon Musk is interested in “big deals” and Bitcoin and mid-Tesla debut in the S&P 500 index

Image archive of Tesla Inc's executive president, Elon Musk, joining a panel showing a picture of a Tesla Model 3 vehicle (REUTERS / Aly Song)
Image archive of Tesla Inc’s executive president, Elon Musk, joining a panel showing a picture of a Tesla Model 3 vehicle (REUTERS / Aly Song)

Elon Musk asked about the conversion of “large transactions” of Tesla’s balance sheet into Bitcoin in an exchange of comments by Twitter with Michael Saylor, a detached defender of the digital world.

In a series of cases, Saylor, executive director of Microstrategy Inc., instead of a multimillionaire transferring state dollars from the maker of electric cars to Bitcoin and “Hacer a sus accionistas un favors the $ 100,000 million”.

“Other S&P 500 companies followed suit and, at the time, created to convert to a US $ 1 billion favor”, said Saylor in his tuit el domingo.

The exchange of comments was produced after Musk published a suggestive image indicating that he was interested in Bitcoin, whose value has multiplied more than three times this year.

“Are your large transactions possible?”, said Musk in response to Saylor. Numerous people are assuring that they, as well as Saylor, know that they have more than US $ 1,300 million in Bitcoin and are willing to share their “manual” on the Internet.

Investors are competing for an exposition on Bitcoin points at record levels, inclusive if it means paying a high profit margin. While the majority of cryptocurrencies are recovering from US $ 23,000 over the past week, the Bitwise 10 Crypto Index Fund has had an impulse fever 650% of the total value of its participations, sigún datos recabados af Bloomberg.

Debut in the S&P 500

This month, Tesla’s actions take off with its debut in the S&P 500, the main index of Wall Street reference, in a market session on the concerns over a new batch of coronavirus rapid propagation in Great Britain.

Tesla’s shares are up 5% at $ 659.99 to the media at the start of the session.

The company is the most valued in the S&P 500 y represents a weighting of 1.69% in the index of the operations of the moon.

The increase in Tesla’s shares over the last year has raised its market value to around 630,000 million dollars, lo that the convierte in the sixth company estadounidense más valiosa que cotiza en bolsa. Tesla is by far the most traded action on Wall Street, with an estimated value of 18,000 million dollars of its exchanges in each session during the last 12 months, supervised by Apple, which is in the second place, according to Refinitiv data.

Tesla has registered an impulse to increase its prices this year. The advance catapulted Musk’s own fortune to add US $ 140,000 to its net worth of US $ 167,000 million Bloomberg.

Approximately one-fifth of Tesla’s shares are in Musk’s hands.

(With information from Bloomberg and Reuters)


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