EEUU Coastal Guardia intercepts 110 Haitian migrants looking at the costs of the Caribbean

La Guardia Costera de Estados Unidos har opsnappet en 110 migrantes procedes de Haiti og unas 80,5 kilometers frente a las costas de Cabo Haitiano, una comunidad ubicada al norte del paibs caribeño.

In a statement, the Guardian Costera, which informed that the migrants had fled to Haiti, stated that the cohabiting agents of the United States were distributing an “overcharged” shelter of the people, by which they decided to “divert and accommodate” the migrants. .

The captain of the Resolute embargo, Commander Justin Vanden Heuvel, praised the boat trip by “ensuring the safety” of migrants in the sea, in addition to “creating an atmosphere of compassion and dignity before the repatriation”.

A visit to a Coast Guard embassy, ​​migrants are receiving food, water, refuge and basic medical attention.

The United States Coast Guard has intercepted approximately 150 Haitian migrants since October 1, 2020, while this figure rises to 418 since October 1.