Dwayne Johnson has a very surprising surprise with a father

In these cases there are many cases, in which case it is intended that there be more specials for the most peculiar, although unfortunately not all the world has the same resources and possibilities for learning. In the last days, in the program ‘Some good news‘, presented by John Krasinski, se conoció una de esas historias emotivas that hacen that a science to value what really means the Christmases.

A special navideño protagonized by ‘The Rock’

The ultimate program, the one that emits on YouTube, was clearly marked by the Christmases and the presence of other characters from the panoramic media panorama. George Clooney or Justin Timberlake made some of the guests, although no doubt Dwayne Johnson’s most emotional fue. ‘The Rock’ has our acostumbrados to make a gala of his solidarity and humanity, and on this occasion no quiso is less with the protagonist of the night.

Through a video game, Krasinski connected with Jay Abel, a father of two who, thankfully, had three years ago. From now on, the search for the living room will continue, although the economic problems will be even more complicated in these cases. For that matter, and in order to keep them safe from the cracks in these Christmases, we decided to sell their comic books online. The actor and presenter intended to sell to eBay, but Abel thought it was fake and the right one.

The actor will cover all the costs of his shelves

A conversation initiated the conversation, “The Rock” disrupted by Papa Noel and he commanded a message that would record everything in the video: “This is what I like.” Quita totdas tus cosas e eBay porque Dwanta Claus se encargará de todos los regalos. Eres de lo que se tratan las fiestas. You will find the spiritual spirit, and I feel very confident that my friend John Krasinski can talk about it: the middle ground of a man and the middle ground of a human being is always what he has in his heart. “Always be in the depths of your heart,” he said.

In addition to the costs of the family’s royal family, Dwayne Johnson also is compromised with him to invite together with his heirs at the wheel ofBlack Adam‘, the closest superhero movie in which to participate and protagonize’ The Rock‘. Undoubtedly, it is a gesture that many of the actor’s actors say that always appear when solidarity is with them.