Dr. August “25% of patients with COVID-19 present autoimmune complications”

Katherine Trujillo Useche
Agencia Latina de Noticias de Medicina and Salud Pública

According to an article in the journal Revision of Medicine and Public Health (MSP), doctor Anardi Agosto, allergist and immunologist, talks about the deficiencies in immunology that can be reflected in autoimmune conditions.

The immune system works to maintain homeostasis in the body, it protects against human infections, eliminates deficient cells, including cancers. If there are any problems in the system provoking nurses and sea of ​​immunodeficiency, autoimmune problems or malignancies.

The doctor explains that the primary immunodeficiencies are genetic defects that can affect different areas of the immune system and it is provocative that the patient is more susceptible to the infections. The problem comes when the immune system alone is one and is able to predispose other autoimmune and malignant diseases.

The doctor agrees “the immune system learns to tolerate whether it eliminates the elimination of high reactive linfocytos at the time, the median ocean or the periphery, mediating mechanisms such as energy or apoptosis, ignoring the antimicrobial, us median of cells T autorreactivas ”.

Immunological deficiencies caused by self-immunity

The autoimmune diseases its complex conditions with various mechanisms proposed to explain is the doctor of the example of genetic susceptibility (HLA-27) that causes ankylosing spondylitis after infections such as E. Coli, which is extremely stable XP3 , CD25, CTLA-4) by decir algo.

The patient with primary immunodeficiency as a chronic inflammation with a persistent presentation of antigens to the immune system due to recent infections are key factors in the development of autoimmunity.

This chronic estimation caused by antimicrobial antigens can cause chronic inflammatory reactions and exacerbations by other cells of the immune system, which help to prevent them from functioning properly, ending with their own cells.

Has demonstrated the association of autoimmune conditions in patients with immunodeficiency.

Indtast et tema for aktuel virkning af COVID-19 el-aggregate that more than 25% of patients with COVID present autoimmune complications that include complications.

“It actually results in a condition such as COVID-19, where the immunoglobulins are poor and with the ability to respond to antigen-producing antigens and auto-reactive cells and attack as well” affirms the doctor.

Taking into account that the immune system is only one and that the deregulation of the immune system manifests itself in any of its components and increases the susceptibility to infections, causing inflammation by exacerbated reactions or attack, it is important to recognize the same.

The doctor advised that, as a general rule, when autoimmune disorders develop into a tadpole or when affected by multiple organs and can not be explained by a single rheumatological condition, it should be considered an immunodeficiency.