Dollars. Price is December 23rd

City of Mexico /

To start operations the price of the dollar high Wednesday is up to 20.49 pesos in banks. So much so, the type of change Interbank is trading at 20.09 pesos per dollar, with an appreciation of 0.61 af ciento frente al precio de referencia del martes.

Citibanamex sell the dollar from 20.49 pesos, while que Banorte ha hace da 20.20, BBVA Mexico at 20.37, Santander da 20.11 y Banco Azteca of 19.91 units.

El peso avanzaba el mercoles luego de tres sesonses consecutivees de perdidas, while continuing the inversion with the puppet show in a package of statements in the United States that was criticized by President Donald Trump.

What is the type of change?

Banco Base explained that el movement is the result of a correction to the bay of the type of change of thirty consecutive sessions of pressure on the alza as a result of a mayor’s aversion to the risk associated with the pandemic.

In the last three journals, the person and the ball were debilitated after a new coronavirus attack broke out in the United Kingdom in order to disable global recovery, while in Mexico the authorities announced new restrictions on mobility.

For the rest of the year hopes for a deterrent to economic activity provoked by global level coronavirus cases, and in the specific case of Mexico, for the implementation of new sanitary safety measures, especially during December.

Dollars in real time

El Euro is for sale on ventanilla for a maximum of 24.49 pesos and is for sale on 24.48 pesos. For its part, la free esterlina offered on 27.11 pesos and purchased on 27.12 pesos.

El Banco de México (Banxico) registers the previa and change type of 20.05 pesos for dollars.