Dollar-TRM hoy | Initiation, variations and closure of the dollar price in Colombia today 23 December

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El Brent, the reference that usa Colombia, registration and alza del 0.52% has received 50.34 US $ el barril.

For these markets, the dollar started the year with a price of $ 3,465 and increased by $ 9,485 per month, up 1.19% on top of the representative market (TRM) of today, which is $ 3,444. El Colcap de la Bolsa de Valores de Colombia abrió subiendo 0.94%

Petroleum prices are stabilizing in the high season. El Brent, the reference that usa Colombia, registration and alza del 0.52% has at least 50.34 US $ el barril. For its part, the WTI sube 0, 64%, and $ 47.32 the barrel.

This week, the prices of the crude tuvieron have a tendency to fluctuate, just as the Dow Jones and S&P 500 indices in New York are criticized for their concerns about the consequences of the new coronavirus economy detected in the United Kingdom. United.

These taxes have been levied on the recent approval by Washington’s legislators of the new US $ 900,000 million package for ten months.

Ingen hindring, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, agreed to block the economic and financial crisis that increased US $ 600 to US $ 2,000 in direct payments to contributors

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Trump’s position on the economic alimony package is aimed at breaking a deadlock agreed by Democrats and Republicans over months of negotiations and complex negotiations that he has called off on various occasions. Dicho rescues fue aphroado a pocos días de quichos desempleados agoten todas sus performance, en un momento el el que COVID-19 advansa sin control amenagando la recuperation de la economië del pais.