Do you cancel the check? What to do now with the ayuda check and the estimate packet | News Univision Politica

The President’s Negative Surprise Law Donald Trump of firmar This March, the bipartisan economic package provided by the Congress, which exemplifies 600 million dollar aid checks for millions of people, the negotiations between republicans and democrats that llevaron meses, parecen est ahora en el aire.

The package, which accounts for the support of Trump’s Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, should now be sent to Congress to be amended and then read to the President’s Secretary for (finally) the company and the distribution of common funds. But this truck is not insured.

In addition, the aid package is attached to a ‘carpet’ that includes the governor’s finances, for the next year, which now also floats through the negative generated by Trump’s negative.

But, what now? Is the package of aid completely complete? What is the Congress? This is what we know:

Pelosi dice (quickly) que sí

Through the speech of Trump on the night of March, the leader of the Chamber of Deputies, the Democrat Nancy Pelosi, he said that he accepted the president’s right. Y, hecho, dijo que checks de ayuda con mayores sumas para par estadounidenses æra exactly as que democratas habían buscado duran meses de negotiation truncas.

“Republicans repeatedly say they want the president to vote for direct paychecks. Finally, the president accepts $ 2,000. Democrats are on the list to go to the Chamber this week by unanimous consent. Let’s do it! “, Indicates the Democrat in a message on his Twitter account.

It is to be expected that the package of aid will potentially be sent to a mayor to check against the support of the Democratic Mayor of Cámara Baja, who will guarantee the approval (expedited, following the proposal Pelosi) in this instance.

On Wednesday, the Pelosi sent a card to the Democratic Bank reinforcing its surprise at the President’s negative promise and assigning responsibility to defining the check of aid to Republicans, women “in bipartisan negotiations (…) nunca superaron los $ 600 y, en algunos cases, propusieron $ 500 “.

Finally, Pelosi terning that “the country enters that it is urgent that the president of this company, so much as to protect the life of the coronavirus, as to maintain the federal government abierto”, signaled the correspondent of Univision Notices in the Capitol of Washington DC, Claudia Uceda.

Schumer also accepts the reto

The leader of the Democratic minority of the Senate, Chuck Schumer, was also strongly opposed to the comments of Pelosi: that the Democrats are pushing for more money for the Republicans to run for the Republicans, despite the negotiations.

“We need steps to secure $ 2,000 checks for Republicans on the blockade. Trump needs to implement his project to help people and maintain the government and are content to help more than the needy states.” Trump’s quizzes can finally be used to find out that Republicans are not the new bloc, “said the Democratic leader.

These are the gates for the Democratic support in the second instance, the Senate, under the Republican son mayor.

All the best in McConnell

For that matter, the Democrats ‘recruiting the guantas’ are moving along Trump’s discourse, all of them now at the head of Senate Republican Mayor Mitch McConnell, who are the ones who will be asking for more.

Hasta entered the night of Wednesday, McConnell did not comment. At a conference with the members of the Republican Bank in the Chamber of Deputies, his leader, Kevin McCarthy, assured his colleagues that he spoke with the President as to whether he had decided not to veto the package approved by Congress, filtered information retrieved by New York Times columnist Maggie Habermam.

McConnell was forced to give up and accept a check from the mayor’s esteemed albeit opuso by me (the proposal of the Democrats was 1,200) to ignore and ignore the complete package.

The “side” of the Democrats is an extra pressure on the Republicans of the Senate, in general, ya McConnell, in particular, who will return on numerous occasions the proposals for checks that raise the Democrats.

“I’m drowning. ¿Qué terninger, Mitch? Ingen nos empantanemos con ideologogical themes and elements not related and ¡HAGAMOS ESTO! El pueblo estadounidense se lo merece”, agregó Schumer con una mención a su colleg republicano.

The Democrat leader of the Senate responded to a message from the representative of New York, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, who said: “We’ve done it. RashidaTlaib and we are writing together the covid fee for $ 2,000 checks, as it is a list to start. Let me see if the president has the ability to support our legislation. We can approve $ 2,000 checks this week Republican Party of Senate accepted “, comment

Senator Carolina del Sur, Republican Lindsey Graham, said in a statement that she was working with Democrats to gain the upper hand. Graham, an ally of Trump If you have much support for this idea. Vayamos más lejos “.

What did not happen to the package? What did Trump know?

And if Congress finally does not resolve the issues with Trump’s petitions and the President knows the guest list, both rooms will be vacated.

How? If the President knows the lie and the devil in Congress, the legislators can intend to cancel their vote with the vote of the three parties in each chamber. In this case, the parish numbers favor a parliamentary maneuver by the mayor abruda with the approval of the aid package and the plan of guests of the federal governor for 2021, although it is not certain that all Republicans will be able to challenge the president.

An official of the Congressional Congress at the Univision Notices in Washington DC, Claudia Uceda, said that “if Trump is involved in the veto, we will technically hold the votes for the annulment. For example, the NDAA había amenazado con vetar), algunos republicanos pueden cambiar. Si su veto se mantiene, estamos ante el cierre de un gobierno “.

Because, in addition to the package of estimates, what is in play is the funding for the federal governor, which alone has money.

“Pelosi intends to control $ 2,000 by unanimous consent. Republicans tend to block him from allowing him to go to the Senate. If he goes to the Senate, Schumer and the Democrats support him, but McConnell and the Republicans will be in a difficult situation,” he said. indicates the employee a Univision News.

All in all, while defining who will be the Mayor of Senate when the new Congress takes place, in year: Republicans or Democrats.

There are pendants to be found in the squares of the Georgia senators’ quarters, which will be a second-rounded one next year and its definitions. The manner in which the impasse will be revoked in the packet of aid can impulse the dog the aspirations of the two Republican senators who opted for the reelection.