Director of Governance Governance dice that ante level of education can be achieved

The Director of the General Board of Governance (Digecog), Félix Santana García, stated that the level of endemic, as it is located at 70% in relation to gross domestic product (GDP), “nothing can be done to recover the money deviated from the prevalent corruption of Gobierno anterior and if the pandemic does not diminish its negative effects”.

Santana refers to the data contained in the information published by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (CEPAL) on the balance of the economies of Latin America and the Caribbean 2020 on the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) and countries which conforms to the area.

“Although the Economic and financial framework of the Dominican Republic presented by the CEPAL is not to be blamed for 2021“The situation is getting worse with the fact that the pandemic has diminished by the massive application of vacancies and the money has been recovered due to the corruption of the previous government,” he said, pointing to a communication.

The referendum study reported that in the Dominican Republic the GDP reported a fall of 5.5% and as of 2020 the central government tax deficit is estimated at 9.9% of GDP, which is 2.2% in 2019.

The information indicates that the current account deficit will close with 3% of GDP, while in 2019 it will fall by 1.3%, deducting the contraction of the entrants during the tourism phase. The inter-annual inflation will close with a limit of 5% on the meta-ranking and the labor market drop will be reduced to 8.8%.

Santana agrees that the tax collection is against 17.1%, with a reduction of 19.1% on property and services; while the social guests show off their most significant 192.6% inter-annual reel.

Explain that in order to address the crisis, the Gobierno collection presents various international organizations such as the World Bank (US $ 150 million), the Interbank Bank of Development (US $ 486 million), the International Monetary Fund (US $ 650 million) and the US $ 650 million) for a total of US $ 3, 800 million, which requires an increase of US $ 9,600 million, 2.5 times the initial amount issued.

“Although President Luís Abinader has never been in favor of the endowment“It is the economic and financial team that has presented CEPAL to the Dominican Republic and has no other alternative but to use the trust offered by the Government to pursue international practices”, he said.

Santana considers that “with transparent maneuvering, combating corruption, good inversions and control of the pandemic, the Dominican nation will have a more promising 2021 over the crisis situation that has not been caused by the current authorities, but has been heredada ”.