Detectan actriz de “Yo soy Betty, la fea” anomaly en un seno | EL IMPARCIAL

Actress Natalia Ramírez, who appeared in the character Marcela Valencia in the telenovela “Yo soy Betty, la fea”, had a big smile when she made some words in her mind, noticing that she had been through her speeches socials, both in those who invite their followers to do car explorations to avoid a mother’s cancer.

Travels of a video that the performer of 53 years is sincerely with his fans, to those who say that he finds more, in addition to all the exams that you have to do to be able to know what to do if you meet him body. With the cable only and using a black blouse as the también interprets productions like “Mi pequeña mamá” y “¡Quieta, Margarita!” account that in his monthly math exam no salio absolutely nothing, but only other tests detect something.

“The cancer of a mother with a pandemic or a pandemic follows a palpable reality”, made the words that wrote the star that was caused by Ricky Díaz. “I had my routine exams, a mammogram on a tummy tuck, I had a nose scan that I had my mastologist and I had a peep. Enthusiasm made me have a biopsy, which was the next step I had to do with an aguja, anesthesia, and being killed “, accounted for the Colombian producer as well.

“Thanks to God, the result was benevolent and there were no major consequences”, said Natalia Ramírez with a very calm voice about the fact that the previously mentioned studies were being sent, while sending a message to all who came and followed. In this way he is like the antagonist of “Yo soy Betty, la fea”, a character who keeps his love for Don Armando between him. mother.

“Es uundværlig, esto no esta ajeno a ninguna de nosotras, y de nosotros porque los hombres también pueden tener kanzer de mama”. In other words, clipping increases in all the messages that he dedicates, as well as when he was asked by his state of health, while insisting that he must have conscience about his public health problem.

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