Designed by José Joaquín Puello as President of the City of Sanitation Luis Eduardo Aybar

The neurosurgeon José Joaquín Puello is being judged on his behalf as President of the Sanitary City Luis Eduardo Aybar, acted in a meeting with the Presidency’s Health Cabinet.

The Director of the National Health Service (SNS), Mario Lama, announcing Aybar’s design following a post on his Twitter account, donde señaló que el médico “ha hecho grande aortes a la salud de RD”.

“Continue the actions for the benefit of our people!”, is lying in the tuit, where Lama also mentions the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, and the Vice President of the Republic Raquel Peña.

Who is José Joaquín Puello?

José Joaquín Puello Herrera is a Dominican neurociru and sportsman, born in 1940 in San Juan de Maguana, municipality of the province of San Juan.

In 1957 he was transferred to Santo Domingo to study Medicine at the University of Santo Domingo, which was reconciled with the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), where graduated with the distinction of “Magna Cum Laude” in 1963.

Continued his studies in the area of ​​institutions such as the Bambury General Hospital, admitted to the University of Oxford, England, where Cirujano General is staying. In 1971 he specialized in Micro Neurology at the University of Vermont, United States.

Winner of the Prize of Gynecology and Obstetrics in 1962, Puello has taught at Dominican universities since the 1970s among them are the Pedro Henríquez Ureña National University (Unphu), the Santo Domingo Autonomous University (UASD) and the Santo Domingo Institute of Technology (Intec).

Has performed its services as a neurosurgeon at the Hospital Dr. Salvador B. Gautier, El Hospital Dr. Luis Eduardo Aybar, El Military Hospital Dr. Dr. Enrique Lithgow Ceara, Military Hospital Dr. Ramón de Lara; en el Hospital Infantil Dr. Robert Reid and at the Diabetes Hospital.

In addition to this, work as cofundador del Banco de Válvulas para hydrocphálicos en la República Dominicana and has realized numbers scientific research works which has been published by national and international media.

His career as a sportsman has a variety of distinctions. From 1982 to 2003 fue President of the Dominican Olympic Committee; since 2003 fue nombrado President of the Organizing Committee of the Pan-American Games Celebrated in Santo Domingo.

About the City of Sanitaria Luis Eduardo Aybar

The construction of the work opened at the Gran Santo Domingo began in 2013, during the past presidential administration of Danilo Medina, and was scheduled to be launched in August 2017.

The inversion for the RD $ 4 million project is $ 062 million, which has access to cases in hospitals of third level of attention in order to respond to cases of high complexity.

On February 6 this year, the director of the SNS, Chanel Rosa Chupany, guaranteed that the Sanitary City would form part of the Red Public Health Services, as long as it is not privately owned or operated by any employer.

“Tendrán acceso a ellos toda la population, especialmente la de escasos recursos economisicos”, aggregated Chupany on that occasion.

The Sanitary City will provide the Dominican Health sector with 800 nursing rooms, four clinical laboratories, three blood banks, an area for the implementation of robotic surgery and 12 additions between the Materno Infantil Hospital and the Quirmur -N Clinic. and Transplant (Cecanot), a Forensic Pathology and a morgue.