Deputies come from Arriaza Chicas as an example of how institutionalism works and should be respected | El Salvador News

Lawmakers are referring to the tax petition by Raúl Melara to defraud Arriaza Chicas when it comes to the cargo of the Deputy Minister of Security.

As an example of how El Salvador functions as an institution and must be followed, the deputies will take the decision of the court that issued a final sovereignty in favor of the Director of Police, Mauricio Arriaza Chicas.

“The procedures are in line with the fact that democracy is ours, that we respect institutionalism, that we do not use the public institutions politically as of February 9 to be able to destroy the Assembly, the most powerful force is not elected, then institutionalism the procedural part is continuous and the law of the day is that we respect the case in a State of Derech and in a state of legal security “, affirmed Mauricio Vargas, deputy of ARENA.

According to Nidia Díaz, of the FMLN, the Assembly resolved in accordance with the petition filed by the Fiscal General, Raúl Melara, to send to Arriaza Chicas his vehicle in the cargo of Deputy Minister of Security, but detailed that, even the courts exonerated, his “disobedience to the Constitution will be for history”.

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“What we have to say is that Arriaza Chicas violated the Constitution and had a disobedience in relation to what the Constitution said, if it is objective, it could be learned in Article 132 that it is said that it is in vain. , in the first and final procedure, the only thing that can be done by favoring the Minister of Health, is always to be found in the history recorded as a disobedience, ”said Díaz.

According to Dijo, the parties hiccuping what they had to do in relation to the petition that fiscal Melara had, considering that the crime was being committed at the moment as the Deputy Minister of Public Safety, “we will not only deny that we “I have known one day that he was not the Deputy Minister,” explained Díaz.

Ante eso certifaron a la Fiscalía que Arriaza Chicas había “usurpado funcions” y que existia “procedural fraud”.
For his part, the deputy Raúl Beltrhán Bonilla, of the PCN, valued the resolution of the Director of the Police that the favored one “is the law and has to be respected. It’s the decision of the senator juez, pues bien a derecho, hay que respetarla como tal ”.

The Quinto de Paz de San Salvador subreseyó a Arriaza Chicas al arguing that the order issued by the Assembly was delivered in April to the Hacienda Minister of Factual and Legal Arguments.

While recognizing the resolution, the Fiscalia also considers that it was taken as a mistake in the proceedings of the Assembly in this case.

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