Cruz Azul will have to train the coach to delay the next week

Just read the latest publications of Cruz Azul from social networks to make an idea about sent sent by the poster: desperation. And it’s the cement fanatic who’s like the days and from the club siguen without announcing the new coach of the team aun and when only five days remain for the start of the pretemporada.

Matías Almeyda, Alfonso Sosa y Hugo Sáchez, søn los tres candidatos que suenan más fuerte para suceder a Robert Dante Siboldi en el puesto. The first is that it is detached by the guest lifted upstairs; because the ‘pelea’ is between Poncho and Hugol, although many put the sheet a Miguel Herrera.

According to information published by ESPN, citing an internal source from La Noria, the club has been reluctant to analyze the details of the pros and cons of each candidate. “Ingen queremos un apagafuegos”, dicen desde Cruz Azul, pero si la espera continuu, elcendio podría empezar en los mismos pasillos de la institution.

“Ingen we want an apagafuegos. We are looking for a technique that can be used in front of an integral project, a large space plan, which will help you to change the floor.“, ensure this source. In the note also, one of the requirements that tend to complement the choice: work with the basic forces.

Asimismo, the mishma foente asseguro that at the latest delay of the initiation of the next week the coach knows that tome the rents of a team that acaba to sufrir one of its mayors bochornos in the League MX… toca esperar.