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Spain will receive 4.5 million doses of Pfizer and BioNTech vaccines in the next 12 weeks. Seran 350,000 seminal doses that are distributed among the autonomous communities to progressively immunize the population emanating from the first risk group: the mayors who live in residences. But, before that, it will receive a first symbolic entrance of one mile of vacations this Saturday, which will take place in Guadalajara. This will be the city where the first injection will take place on December 27th. Alli has the photo of the first pinchazo. But it took only a few minutes before the rest of the autonomous communities, which had begun to vacate this same day, had announced their merits to the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa.

The motive behind Guadalajara’s claim that Pfizer has an alliance and is the company that makes the entrees. Consequences of the explanatory process that is centralized in the first day for logistical reasons: the vaccine requires a lower temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. Reads in boxes of 5,000 units that can conserve this temperature, for a long time, is not ultra-free, has to be deconstructed and maintained in a range between two and eight degrees, such as water for five days. As the first day, only a few miles away, there is no road to each autonomous community, so this process is centralized in Guadalajara. The vacancies will take place at all the points of Spain, including the islands, Ceuta and Melilla, later on the 27th day before the start of the evacuation, she said.

One of these is the first symbolic evacuation, the commencement of munitions from Pure, the Belgian Pfizer factory, directly to the autonomous communes of proportion to the population connected with residences. The landlords in the centers that are in the Mayor’s of the houses are not publicly known for security reasons and here they distribute first to the mayors’ residences. Hecho, the Ministry of the Interior has announced that it is keeping the secret of dichos emplacement. It was announced, for example by Aragon, that the guards at the Hospital Clinic would distribute the doses to the specific points of evacuation in the community. Alli has ultracongelators with a high capacity of 193,050 doses per ultracongelor (386,100, total). Although the exact dose number that corresponds to each community in this first phase has not been revealed, this capacity is more than sufficient for the first lots.

These almshouses are primarily located between the mayors ‘centers, where nurses’ teams are trained to manage their homes. We will also be visiting the health centers and hospitals. There will be a very similar display as realized with the flu campaign, although this vacancy has some different logistical requirements. First of all, there is the need for ultra-free; but, one time it is unloaded, the transport takes place with the same bags of any other medicine that requires free. The next major failure is that each vial has fifty doses, which may have a separate form, due to which the process is more slow and cumbersome than with other injections.

With Pfizer’s 4.5 million doses, it can evacuate up to 2.25 million people, requiring pinchas, with 21 separation days. It is practically the first phase that exemplifies the evacuation plan, which includes four groups: the people living in social centers, their caregivers (sean or no sanitarios), the sanitarios and the large dependents. These are approximately 2.5 million people. Although it is expected to be in Pfizer’s vacancy, it is to be expected that in this first phase will also be included in the Modern, which is evaluated by the European Medicines Agency (EMA, by its English seal) is scheduled for January 6 and that has been approved by EE UU.

Of this form, it injects more than enough to evacuate up to 2.5 million people in 12 weeks. Although the ministry has not officially announced that it will be the next group to be evacuated, it is more likely that the 65-year-old mayors will have chronic illnesses. If all are sold according to the preview, you can expect to receive the vaccine at the beginning of the first, as very late.

The plans of the autonomous communities

The Iranian lottery lots have the autonomy of weekly principles. Some self-employed counselors who have detailed details will be your first compasses. The Vice President of Madrid explained that the readings read the moons, just were able to reconstruct that he had exactly the amount of dose received for the campaign of the campaign, the domingo 27. Aguado, in addition, has said that he has 40 teams prepared and that he has bought millions of jeringuillas to use specifically in the evacuation against covid-19, inform Manuel Viejo.

Andalusia, by his lad, received 1,980 doses of the domingo, said the Andalusian counselor of the ram, Jesús Aguirre. The Junta has two emergency centers, one from Seville, to the western Andalusia, and another in Granada for the eastern part. When the vaccine is dispensed between 45 or 47 primary care centers, depending on the dose number, there will be 37 hospitals, inform Margot Molina. We are preparing 178 evacuation teams with more than 500 nurses specifically set up to administer the Pfizer evacuation; 73 medical teams occupy the residences of mayors and socio-sanitary centers that are in charge of administering the vaccine ”, said the Inmaculada Salcedo epidemiologist, spokesman for the Committee of Experts and the Council of the Council of Ministers.

By his side, Navarra ha precisely including what people used to vacate the property: 150 mayors of the public residence El Vergel, Pamplona. The citations are for the doses, as well as the residents as well as the professionals of the socio-sanitary office. The Indian councilor said that the semantic lots were called “the moons or the martes”.

La Valencian Community This property is home to 800 residents, including users and social workers, who do not have covid-19 bread or more than 90 dairies. Each residence must have nurses and a doctor for the evacuation, inform Ferran Bono. The Health Care Council will assist staff who fail, in addition to a coordinator who will oversee the process. As of Monday, the Valencian Community will receive 30,000 doses per week, according to department sources.

One Castilla y León, 133 nurses commencing to evacuate in all the provinces this domingo “of testimonial form”, said dicho the councilor of Sanidad, Verónica Casado, este mercoles. Casado added: “We hope we will not retire any more. Monday will be the reception and distribution and, after all, March hopes the beginning “, informs Juan Navarro. The forecast is that there will be 126,000 doses of Pfizer vacancies in the first month, which means that this first tandem will evacuate some 63,000 people. Baleares also arranged the domingo, informa Lucía Bohórquez. The Government plans to have a rhythm of between 500 and 1,000 citizens.

One Cataluña, The Department of Health has read to the mayors’ residences the documents that internals and workers tend to refrain from giving their consent to leave the property. Catalonia will receive this week of weeks, probably Saturday, 215,000 doses of the product to evacuate 106,000 people. One Asturias, the Gobierno regional describes the exact dose number to receive to initiate the process, informs Efe. El Principado comenzará por las residencias med borgmester número de usuarios. A team of 148 professionals will occupy the vacancy office.

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