Coronavirus vaccine wafers: FBI advised possible wafers

  • The FBI advises on possible staffs arriving at COVID-19
  • The agency advises that one of the staffs be able to pay money to include his number in a presumed vacancy list
  • The FBI advises that individuals never give out personal information at unknown sources

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI in English) advises on possible staffs involved in the COVID-19 evacuation and mediates that the evacuations are taking place in the country.

The FBI says that some of the signals from a staff can include the money that is paid for its bolsillo property to obtain the vaccine against the coronavirus or the money that can be paid to put its number on a list of vacancies or to obtain temporary access, agreed with FOX 13.

Coronavirus vaccine wafers: FBI advised possible wafers

Photo: Twitter.

The agency also warrants the offers to sell or send dose of the vaccine by payment, the announcements of a vaccine COVID-19 on social media, electronic mail, telephone calls, online or to unsubscribe employees. of possible fraud.

The FBI advises that the authorities should be aware of suspicious situations and that no personal information should be leaked.

Any person who is a victim of a crime scam involving COVID-19 may communicate with the Direct Fraud Center on Disaster at 866-720-5721 or on También can also denounce the fraud at the FBI’s Queues Center of Delitos on

The United States Governor is negotiating with Pfizer the acquisition of tens of thousands of additional doses of vacancies to help the pharmaceutical industry gain greater access to manufacturing seminarians.

A person in front of the negotiations that took place on Tuesday in The Associated Press that the agreement has not been finalized. The person habló bajo condition of anonymity at the end of describes the deliberations in course.

The Pfizer vaccine will be the first to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA for its English flags) and every week the first doses will be sent to the states. It has recently become a Moderna vacancy, which was developed in cooperation with scientists from the National Institutes of Health (NIH through its English flags).

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