Coronavirus cases from EE.UU. can be stabilizing, but it has more hospitalizations and failures

(CNN) – A release of more than 200,000 people had a positive coronavirus dose all day long following United States week, a number that left a record number of hospitalized people and failure to cause the virus.

United States informs March about 195,000 new covid-19 cases, which are the location of these diaries of new diaries in just over 215,000, according to Johns Hopkins University data. It only changes with respect to the number of infected newborns on December 10, when the number of new diary cases increased to 212,000, which suggests that the new cases may have been stabilized in a high diary.

It is embarrassing, however, that hospitalizations and deaths by covid-19 generally occur in one of two weeks after the new cases, the number of hospitalized patients and deaths due to the virus has increased significantly.

El Martes, EE.UU. inform that 117,777 people were hospitalized with covid-19, the mayor since the pandemic commenced, according to Covid Tracking Project. In addition, it was reported that 3,400 people were killed by the virus on March, the second highest number of deaths by covid-19 in a single day.

The national level data also cover a small number of different states suffering from the virus. States such as California, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Rhode Island are experimenting with large increases in new cases, while those in large parts of the Middle East have decreased since their recent picks.

If the number of new case files commences to decrease at the national level to depend on, as always, the behavior of persons and how the power systems of the United States influence in this behavior. Public Health Officers, such as Dr. Anthony Fauci, he announced in the person who did not celebrate large reunions, in interiors and without mascara is Navidad and Año Nuevo.

“I would like the people to be more careful. I would like to limit the journeys in the medium of the possible. “And when it’s reunited, it’s done with a limited number of people,” said Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the Instituto Nacional de Alergias y Enfermedades Infecciosas, told CNN on March.

“If we can do it now and surpass this time, we will enjoy the opportunity of the good.” But it will not be as it is a normal Christmas time. While admitting the superemos, the light at the end of the tunnel is the vacancy ».

MIRA: Esto dijo el Dr. Fauci has just received the vaccine from Moderna against the covid-19

Preoccupation with the United Kingdom variant

Vacunas can be effective against new covid-19 cepa 0:33

A variant of the new coronavirus that has been extensively distributed in the United Kingdom has provoked a new alarm, and various countries have closed their fronts in the United Kingdom in the last few days.

Scientists assessing the United Kingdom governor have estimated that this variant could be up to 70% more effective in propagating other species.

Peter Horby, President of the Assessment Group for New and Emergency Respiratory Respirators (NERVTAG), said that the experts “now have a great deal of confidence in the fact that this variant has a transmission promise” about other products.

The variant of the United Kingdom does not appear to be a more serious matter and it appears that the Pfizer-BioNTech and Modern vehicles will be effective.

Scientist Neil Ferguson, a member of NERVTAG, said he had a “hint” that the coronavirus virus identified in the United Kingdom would have “a mayor proposition to infect the nines” and comparison with previous cephalopods. The serious gravity of debt to covid-19 follows being relatively rare in the nines.

¿Ya ha llegado esta cepa a EE.UU.? The investigators who study it are likely to go to EE.UU. in November and many people in EE.UU. ya podrían estar infectadas.

LEE: Pfizer and Moderna are trying to evacuate the coronavirus variant of the United Kingdom

“If there is any evidence to suggest, it is likely that there will be people now,” said Michael Worobey, head of the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Arizona. “It is very possible that there are several different types of places”.

Scientists have read the coronavirus genetic sequences in EE.UU. para ver si alguna coincides with la variante del Reino Unido. Hasta ahora, no han enctrado ninguna, pero dicen que probablem se deba a que el system vigilancia de EE.UU. is not detectable.

“It could be in the United States, and it’s possible that we have not been detected,” said the deputy secretary of health, Admiral Brett Giroir.

El Dr. Fauci terninger that the administration of Biden will be different

El Dr. Fauci predicts that the Biden administration will not send “contradictory signals” in respect of the coronavirus pandemic communication.

“Probably has a mixed signal messaging uniform,” Fauci told the FiveThirtyEight podcast, which airs March. “I believe that I have a more central orientation in becoming full of states that are completely alone and that they have the things of the way that are desirable”.

Fauci, who will be the chief medical assessor of President Biden’s election, said that the mayor’s obstacle to Biden will be the “division” in the state society.

“It is lamentable that we have experienced a historic pandemic, as if we had seen it in 102 years, and it has been in the context of a large division in society,” said Fauci. “I do not believe that it is necessary to change intermediaries with the administration.”

If Fauci is questioned, President Donald Trump’s resignation will have led to the pandemic, as the future president has saved more lives.

“Obviously, I have some water on the truck,” said Fauci. “But, in general, especially when it comes to the science and the existence of the vacancy, it is enormous.” Quiero decir, eso es algo que realmente niet tiene precedentes ».

It also means that when a pandemic is fought, a nation can always improve its response.

“Obviously, one can always look back on his public health response and say, ‘¿Podría haberlo hecho mejor?’ And the answer is: by suppuesto. I believe that any country that wants to reach out in its response will have more power ».

Shelby Lin Erdman and Elizabeth Cohen of CNN contribute with an este informed.