Condenan a mujer af 7 asesinatos tras 20 años huyendo

(CNN) – A woman accused of killing a person had been convicted in China’s surest after spending more than 20 years.

Lao Rongzhi, 46 years, comparison of lunes and el Tribunal Popular Intermedio de Nanchang in the province of Jiangxi, a public communication for tribunal and su cuenta oficial de redes sociales de Weibo.

He “expresses his displeasure” to the families of the victims and claims that he was a “victim”. Dijo who is obliged to help his novel, the assessee convict Fa Ziying, by the way, informs the periodical Beijing Youth Daily

It was detained in July 1999. Conducted by its assessors and executed in December of this year, state media reported.

“The two conspirators and tenants are a clear division of labor,” according to the Nanchang tribunal. “They will jointly commit robberies, robberies and intentional homicides in Nanchang, Wenzhou, Changzhou and Hefei”.

Lao le dijo a la corte que los methodos de Fa eran «muy crueles» y que durante su relaón con él, sufrió abuso físico y mental y dos abontos abontonos, informer Beijing Youth Daily.

Lao y Fa found themselves in a relationship between 1996 and 1999, following the statement of the Popular Intermediate Tribunal of Nanchang.

After the arrest of Fa, Lao used multiple aliases to escape all over the country. Viajo has different cities and there is a lot of working hours in bars and other places of entertainment, according to a communication issued by the Office of Public Security of Xiamen this year.

También also went to a surgery to change his apartment and avoid arrest, according to the CCTV state register.

He was arrested in November of a year in a shopping center in the southernmost city of Xiamen, and charged with robbery and robbery, according to Chinese authorities.

Monday, Lao le dijo a la corte que había estad «viviendo en la oscuridad» durast las ultimas dos decadas. Aggregate that “finally could sleep in peace” and did not live with the time of being caught by the Police, according to the Beijing Youth Daily.

Zhu Dahong, the spokesman for one of Laos’ victims, said he was “difficult to accept his disclosure”, Beijing Youth Daily reports

“The pain that suffers in the last decades can not be borne by a dissolver,” said Zhu.

– Additional information from CNN’s Beijing Office