Club America: The Petition of “Negro” Santos and Siboldi to Read the Eagles

Tras la salida de Miguel “el Piojo” Herrera of las Eagles of America, the technical director who has been sona to take the club rents side Robert Dante Siboldi, in which Antonio Carlos Santos it sent a message pidiéndole a clearance.

A video posted on his YouTube channel, “El Negro” Santos destacó the quality of Dante Siboldi, who changed the car completely to the Máquina Cementera del Cruz Azul during its periods that are stowed away.

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“It’s a word from Dante Siboldi. Siboldi has two tornadoes with the Cruz Azul team and no champion champion ten over the Leon team. But there was a lot of creation in the football part of the team, and the team was not happy that all of us had to stay tuned ”

Without embarrassment, the former Eagles’ scorer’s scorer Siboldi declared the match in the semi-final duel ahead of the Pumas, losing a 4-0 win and eliminating the competition; I can assure you that it is very rare that the machine of the Machine does not make any modification to avoid the fracture.

“There are embarrassing cases in the Pumas’ party against Cruz Azul, which, as a result, are not what happened to America? It is not necessary for Siboldi to explain what happened, why he did not change, why he did not do anything, with any assistance. ”

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