Club America: Pedro Aquino le habría dado el sí a las Aguilas

Agreed with information from reporter Oscar Flores, Leon’s Peruvian midfielder Pedro Aquino, the mare gave it to the Eagles of America, who was playing with the team of Coapa for the next tournament Torneo Clausura 2021 of the League MX.

According to the information, according to the intentions of the Peruvian judge, the negotiations will take place a little longer at the moment, to this day there is no agreement on this transfer, but if that is not what America is doing search file.

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It is said that Pedro Aquino SÍ wanted to play for Club America, but he did not agree to this. ”, Revealed on his Twitter account.

In addition, according to various sources, the United States had a football player in exchange for including Rubén ‘Oso’ González in the operation to reduce the price of Aquino’s health.

Cabe records that El León filed in Aquino in 2018, decommissioning 1.5 million euros for his transfer, when the Peruvian established valued at only 1 million euros on the portal specialized in transfers, Transfermarkt.

In both years, the value of the South American flight has increased exponentially, then it is estimated at 4.5 million euros, for which La Fiera is making a significant sum on its sales if decided to sell, and America will host an important amount of dinero.

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