Club América: Negro Santos har en Cristóbal Ortega como ideel para asumir de DT

In a moment of surprise all who want to know the health of Miguel Herrera as a trainer America, quien venia ya questionado por los aficionados quienes pedían su evasionion a mando del teamo, the term ends to concretize during the beginning of this week.

One of the great historical players in the Azulcrema club, Carlos Antonio Santos, approve the social speeches to respond to an American fanatic about a candidate for the technical bank, la cual el exfutbolista no tuvo problemas en responder.

The ‘Negro’ confesses that his ideal technique for America is Cristóbal Ortega, exfutbolista de las Águilas con una gran trayectoria en el club azulcrema, and for the sake of it, we will discuss various championships as a sportswoman.

The doubt about Ortega is that he has the title of coach to start in this job on behalf of a football club, lo cual in case of no tenerlo it is difficult to take the vacant that dejó el Piojo.

The concrete propositions that are subject to the directive of America to assume the technical bank are Robert Dante Siboldi and Antonio Mohamed. Es the uruguayo who started to correct with more sale for this important challenge.