Club America: Descartan any possibility of Marcelo Gallardo as DT

La salida de Miguel Herrera from the technical bank commences to hold an important review during this week, donde ante this situation rapidly is beginning to speculate on possible replacements, leaving a decade of numbers that surgeons will work in the social speeches, while some say they have one other sueño lejano.

One of the big hits that commences to go viral on social media is the number of River Plate’s Argentine coach Marcelo Gallardo, which is approximately six months old in the mandate of the ‘Millennium’, and which was one of the promises to be considered as a replacement for Piojo.

Traversed by an opinion column in the Diario Récord is informed that there is no possibility that the ‘Muñeco’ will be able to take over the Bank of America of Mexican football on a main theme that complicates various clubs, not only American, but also European: on salary.

It is speculated, the Argentine capital team pays a figure that rounds out the $ 7 million annual dollars, being one of the best paid planetary level trainers. Have you ever heard that Andino has overlooked the interests of European clubs, but is currently consulting on his salary, is tense and terminated by desechar su oportunidad.

It’s an important development like the new DT

The information that is given to the recipient’s respect Miguel Herrera, is dice that are very advanced lo de Robert Dante Siboldi as an American technician. Including, during these weddings, it is difficult to believe that the term has been first agreed with the salary theme, and it is hoped that in the near future it will be confirmed.

De todas maneras, the directive has been in force with other coaches. One of them is Guillermo ‘Memo’ Vázquez, but only if he manages to listen to his project, in the hope of a third the source is in the anonymous.