Club America: Antonio Carlos “Negro” Santos and his current message to Emilio Azcárraga

Tras la salida de Miguel “el Piojo” Herrera of the technical direction of las Eagles of America, Carlos “el Negro” Santos, ex-judge of the azulcremic team, mandates a message to the team member, Emilio Azcárraga Jean, about what the team needs for the future.

A journey to a video published on his YouTube channel, “El Negro” Santos le pidió a Azcárraga give the second step to move the team and unleash the promoter Carlos Hurtado, who “maneja” the Mexican football and only the preoccupation with his property proposal.

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“Senor Emilio, this is the first step, but I do not want the second. It seems to me that in the days of inexperienced and incompetent people, who do not know America, there is always the same role to play. I know you have a promoter who has been a suitor for over 23 years at Club America. ”

There are also two reasons why eagles should be careful not to have a “deep limp” in the plant, since this is a good time to start restructuring the team.

“If you do not make this decision, it will be the same as when the restructuring of the club took place, as we were all footballers and would be late 13 years. Ahorita is the moment to fix the house, it can only be that it is going to cost me more work ”

For another lady, Carlos “el Negro” Santos recommends to Emilio Azcárraga to put on the mandate “gente de casa”, which are the colors of the Eagles, and candidate – Alfredo Tena and Cristobal Ortega, since others he has held his oportunidades y no las han sabido aprovechar.

“America needs Americans, people of the same age, compromised with the team. Gente que le tiene amor y que los futbolistas jóvenes podrán seguir, que los vean y digan en los pasillos “wow ahí esté Alfredo Tena, está Cristobal Ortega” ”.

“Især esos numbres, yo preferie est estuvieran dentro del team, porque los demas tuvieron la oportunidad y les faltaron huevos par hacer las cosos com son”

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