Chrome uninstalls web apps via the Windows menu

Google Chrome makes it pretty easy to install Progressive Web Apps or PWAs on your machine where they fancy native apps. Soon on Windows machines you can uninstall web apps from Chrome just like you can native apps.

As seen by a Reddit user (via Android Police), Google has introduced a deeper integration between Chrome and Windows 10. Now available in the Canary and Dev releases of Chrome and eventually stable releases, Chrome will place all Progressive Web Apps on the Windows app list. This means that you are able to perform basic management of these apps from the Windows settings menu, including uninstalling them from the system.

In Chromium, this change was noticed for the Edge browser, where a Microsoft engineer explained the feature in a commitment.

> PWA on Desktop Windows: Implementing uninstallation via OS settings.

> When the user uninstalls a PWA from Windows settings or control, it also uninstalls PWA from the browser registry.

Unfortunately, the feature is not readily available yet. Instead, Windows users need to add a command line flag to the Chrome shortcut in order for web apps to appear in Settings and in turn be able to uninstall them. Adding “–enable-features = EnableWebAppUninstallFromOsSettings” to the target in a Chrome Canary or Dev shortcut should do the trick.

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