Chivas ya eligió a su nuevo 10 tras la salida de la Chofis López VIDEO

City of Mexico /

La salida de Eduardo López de Chivas has provoked a change in the backs of the players, ya que la Chofis dejó libre el ’10’, representative number in football, but the red canter does not have a clear logo.

For this, now the turn will be for the attacker Alexis Vega, who will be framed by traer the ’10’ on the cleft and with it convert to a reference inside the game camp in the Guard1anes 2021.

Asia, Vega will be framed to carry a number ’10 ‘that hizo brillar Sabas Ponce during the era of Champion, although it is clear that it wants to forge its own history.

Antuna also has a dorsal cambia

El Brujo is one more that I will change numbers for the next turn, yes dejará the ’15 ‘to carry the ‘7’ that vest Alexis Vega. Asia, Antuna look for an ascent with the club that you are looking for.