Checo Pérez will go live to compete with Verstappen

Red Bull’s chief adviser opened the gates for Checo Pérez to compete with Verstappen

In Red Bull then free to the Mexican Sergio Pérez in his first year with the team to compete directly with the Dutch Max Verstappen.

The main counselor of Red Bull, Helmut Marko, expressed that in the team does not tend a primer and second pilot, in spite of the fact that the team has worked hard to boost the career of Max.

“We have a pilot number one and a pilot number two. We only have one pilot list for F1: Yuki Tsunoda. If you are a debutant we would prefer to be a AlphaTauri ”, dijo.

Además, habló del tapatío and the choice of not posting by a young pilot of his pilot program.

Pérez “Because we need a second pilot that will allow us to diversify our career strategies,” he said.

External brand that Checo Pérez will help direct to Mercedes, which has dominated the last seven years. This is in relation to Alex Albon, who was not at the top of his Dutch team and finished seventh in the 2020 championship.

The Mexican pilot finalized in the quarter pilots’ quarter in the last time disputed with Racing Point, where the first triumph in the Sakhir circuit was recorded.

The directive also applies to the relationship it has Red Bull with Mexico and the impact that the pilot of 30 years has had.

“He was very interested in his country: five minutes after his company the paddock club went on sale. We open an important market ”, declares.