Carriage against the VIH in phase 3 through many years of study

Eduardo Najar
Latina Agencia Medicin y Salud Pública

Humanity has to wait 10 years for an effective vaccine and will be able to control one of the pathogens most affecting the immunological system

The Scientific and Marketing Community celebrates a vaccine prototype for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (VIH), which poses unobtrusive characteristics in the objective of preventing a transmission and which is subsequently stored on site. Many have studied the pathogen origin of the pathogen with a view to avoiding the most chronic diagnosis of the virus.

Recently, the Jansen company announced that its vaccine, which is being carried out in a phase similar to that of COVID-19, has created a modified adenovirus of genetic material that uses some proteins to increase the number of cells that allow it to interact. the system is immune to the creation of anticompetitive agents.

“In fact, there are two vaccines that are provided for this virus, one that encodes three proteins and in the other quarter, it has a mosaic denomination,” said Antonio Fernández, pharmacologist.

Pharmacy Studies

The tests carried out on Jansen’s pharmacy resulted in promoters, which were approved in one of the tests carried out which is profound in efficiency and security, and the creation of notable antipsychotics, without embarrassment, requires more studies to validate it. real, the assay takes place in cabo and lasts an approximate time of two to three years.

The clinical trials and the failure to cure a vaccine are that this virus has the ability to mutate and change its very rapid structure, which notably affects the science in finding specific variables to counteract the effects.

“To be prized (by the cells of the immune system) is an external and escape exchange. What this drug is that is directed to different variants of the gag proteins, pol and env of the virus, that is the most difficult thing that evades the action of the anti-cancer drugs “explained José Molto a doctor who has part of the assay and member of la de la Foundation of the Lucha against the Side.

It is estimated that the various advances and clinical trials that take place voluntarily can be effective, since it can work with various agents that intervene in the mutation of the virus and the probability of success is greater. The medical community and the general population are on the expectation that one of the viruses that can attack and kill more than one year will end.


The country. A vaccine against the VIH leads to the last phase of testing for the first time in more than 10 years. Available at: -mas-de-10-anos.html